StuyHacks Hosts Its Fourth Hackathon

StuyHacks held its fourth hackathon, StuyHacks IV, on Saturday, May 27, and Sunday, May 28. The event provided an opportunity for 175 high-school students from the U.S. and Canada to learn about and to immerse themselves in computer science. A hackathon is an event where programmers can collaborate on a range of computer science projects.


Uncontested; Unelected?

An unopposed candidacy might signify incredible popularity, and a margin of victory of 100 percent. It could also signify a lack of opposition, and of civic engagement. In the worst case, the election may be coerced. James Monroe was elected President of the United States by a margin of 228-1 in 1820; Kim Jong-un was


An Obituary for My New Year’s Resolutions

Dearest Summer, Finally freed from the chains of academic hell – the hallways of Stuyvesant High School – I was ready to begin a beautiful 10-week romance under your blistering sun. But alas, as I prepare myself for inevitably re-entering those Doors of Doom, Death, and Despair, I must come to terms with our impending

Art & Entertainment

Yaa Gyasi Explores Lineage in “Homegoing”

I have always told myself that I will never attempt to research my family history. For me, the daunting task of unwinding and accepting what I might find on seems too painful or too frustrating to even attempt. Half of my family comes from Korea, the other from Haiti. While my Korean grandparents are


Baird Johnson: Freshman Phenom

In sixth grade, freshman Baird Johnson decided to try out for his middle school track team. A young runner, Johnson impressed his peers and coaches at Wagner Middle School with his quick times and fast improvement. A year later, he qualified for the New Balance Nationals Indoor meet—one of the most elite high school and


David Peng: Transition From Student to Teacher

“Oh my God, I just failed the Peng test,” someone whispers in the hall, his face gaunt with fear. Almost every Thursday, geometry teacher David Peng’s students are put on trial. At the end of the period, students funnel out of the third floor halls; commotion erupts as students scatter nervously out of the classroom



Issue 15 Caption Contest

Get hype for our first Caption Contest! Each issue, we provide an ambiguous cartoon or image in need of a caption. You, the reader, can submit your caption below. We choose three finalists and their captions will appear in the following issue along with its respective image. Image 1 Image 2   The contest is