New Teacher Contract Adds After School Time for Teachers

The New York City Department of Education recently mandated uninterrupted staff development each week for high schools around the city. Beginning September 29, 2014, teachers will be required to meet every Monday afternoon for 80 minutes. New York City Schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña added this meeting time to the new teacher contract, which was accepted

Gabe Rosen and Justin Kong by Jin Hee Yoo COLOR

Gabe Rosen and Justin Kong

We have seen a year with little progress made in advancing students’ rights. The election of current leaders Eddie Zilberbrand and Keiran Carpen was without a popular mandate and marred by controversy, which is justified. As The Spectator pointed out in a recent editorial, Zilberbrand and Carpen failed to follow through on most of their


Climate March COLOR Courtesy of Justin Strauss

Weather of My Discontent

Some say we’ve entered the “Anthropocene” epoch—when the impact of humans has become so strong and irreversible that it will leave a mark on the geological record. At the Climate March on Sunday, September 21, when hundreds of thousands worldwide marched for climate change, Ligorano Reese, an art team, installed a 3000-pound ice sculpture in

Let’s Make Math Beautiful

A rising melody can be beautiful; the architecture of a building can be beautiful; a three-point shot can be beautiful. There’s also a beauty that comes in the form of mathematics, filled with letters from the Greek alphabet and trigonometric functions. Teachers always talk about the elegance of a math proof employing unique concepts that


Email Sent by College to Over 900,000 Prospective Students Tells Recipients They’re Unique

An email sent by Kalamazoo Bible College to over 900,000 high-school seniors and juniors reassured its recipients that they were “unique, motivated self-starters and innovators” and that “Kalamazoo Bible College was impressed by their accomplishments.” The email went on to tell the nearly one million adolescents that “Kalamazoo Bible College isn’t for everyone” and that


Athlete’s Foot Bad, Although Probably Not as Bad as Athlete’s Face

High school athletes—along with Jesus, Nelson Mandela, and Brian Scalabrine—are the most widely worshipped people in America. On the surface they have it all: charisma, killer abs, and the attention of the nation’s top colleges. But underneath that façade of confidence and ease, these brave boys and girls carry the weight of the world on

Art & Entertainment

Issue2_Art_Maze Runner (Lydia Wu)


Who am I? What is my purpose? These are questions inevitably asked by teenagers as we struggle to find our identities. This is no exception for sixteen-year-old Thomas (Dylan O’ Brien) when he wakes up trapped in the middle of a maze with no memories. “The Maze Runner,” based on the best-selling trilogy written by

Jeff Koons: A Retrospective

A giant pile of colorful Play-Doh, peculiarly resembling dog excrement, towers over its beholders. Coincidentally, there is an equally large poodle on the other side of the room. Both recognizable works of art by Jeff Koons, “Play-Doh” and “Balloon Dog (Yellow),” are currently on display in the Whitney Museum of American Art. The Jeff Koons

By Amy Zhen

The Intrigue of an Almost Angel

Well-written modern fairy tales for young adults are a rarity—almost as rare as Ava Lavender, a girl with bird wings, and the protagonist of Leslye Walton’s debut novel, “The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender.” Centered on the mysterious, myth-imbued Roux family, this novel attempts to explain the irrationalities and intricacies of love by

The Wages of Sin

Who pulled the trigger? After the gruesome murder of the extraterrestrial Watcher at the start of Marvel Comics’ latest miniseries, “Original Sin,” this is the question on the minds of every hero in the Marvel Universe. The Watcher was introduced by Stan Lee and artist Jack Kirby in 1963’s “Fantastic Four #13” as an omniscient

Issue2_Art_Maze Runner (Lydia Wu)


Who am I? What is my purpose? These are questions inevitably asked by teenagers as we struggle to find our identities. This is no exception for sixteen-year-old Thomas (Dylan O’ Brien) when he wakes up trapped in the middle of a maze with no memories. “The Maze Runner,” based on the best-selling trilogy written by

Title: At Hudson Eats, Taste Every Side of Fanciness

The fanciest food court you’ve ever seen is now a choice for your lunch. Opened in June, Hudson Eats is a collection of upscale restaurants and take-out shops that are part of the new Brookfield Place, formerly known as the World Financial Center. Hudson Eats advertises itself as a “foodie’s paradise with no rules” and

Issue2_Art_Hedwig and the Angry Inch (Zovinar Khrimian)

Gold Heels, Big Hair and Jaw-Dropping Rock

Based off of James Cameron Mitchell’s book of the same name, “Hedwig and the Angry Inch” is a rock musical that showcases the “internationally ignored” rock band named “Hedwig and the Angry Inch.” It primarily focuses on Hedwig (Neil Patrick Harris), the band’s lead singer, as she recounts her journey from the Cold War-era in

Ethereal Music Brought Down to an Earthly City

Street performance is a time-honored art form in New York; buskers, mariachis, bucket drummers, and established bands surround everyday life. In the summer, the city even licenses dozens of artists to play on streets and subway platforms. Though City of the Sun has performed at Rockwood Music Hall and the 2013 TEDxNYIT conference, the band

Clowns, Elephants, Freaks, and Creatures Beyond: Enter the SING!ing Circus!

Welcome to the Junior SING!ing circus! Get ready for the show of a lifetime, where you’ll witness dysfunctional families, adorable romances, catchy tunes, and more! Junior SING!, led by Coordinator Emily Ruby and Producers Isaac Gluck, Natalie Ruby, Claire Burghard, and Chloe Long, produced an engaging, but sometimes perplexing, circus to watch. The script, written

Faking It: The Real Deal?

As untraditional 21st century pop culture is growing more liberal with its message in the media, television shows do not fail to keep up. Hundreds of new shows circle around the effect of being gay in today’s generation and how it doesn’t change how you should be treated. Many television writers, while trying to keep


What’s wrong with Manchester United?

After a spending spree in which Manchester United used more than £170 million to reinforce their squad for the 2014-2015 Barclays Premier League season, many expected the Red Devils to catapult to the top instantaneously and put their seventh place finish last year far behind them. Shockingly, despite capturing goal-scoring machine Ramadel Falcao, English record-signing


Jordan Sonnenblick: Drums, Girls, and Dangerous Words

“I feel as though Stuy is where I grew up,” said famed young adult author Jordan Sonnenblick (’87) in an email. As an English major and professional writer, he does not appear to represent the average alumnus from Stuyvesant High School. Nevertheless, Sonnenblick credited his high school years as having had a huge influence on

College Essay: Shannon Daniels

What matters most to you and why? My family is a blend of roast pork with rice, corned-beef, and cabbage: we consume culture just as much as food. We visit relatives for Christmas dinners as well as honor the Buddhist tradition of laying out a picnic beneath a loved one’s tombstone. Of all the things

Say Hi to Hell’s New Barber Shop of Doom

7TH CIRCLE, HELL – For the umpteenth millennia, sentient life forms with vile hairdos have yet again terrorized our sacred planet and spread bad hairdo-itis through annoying commercials and slogans. Hell’s newest torture workshop, the Barber Shop of Doom, was built just to contain criminals whose hair is violent to all eyes. Located in the