Your Questions About the New AP Policy, Answered

Starting in the Spring 2016 semester, the Student Union (SU) and the administration will begin working towards implementing an instant online grade book for all students using the learning management system Engrade. The SU will strive to make students’ averages, their grades on individual assignments, and how those grades are factored into their averages available

Gabe Rosen and Justin Kong by Jin Hee Yoo COLOR

Gabe Rosen and Justin Kong

We have seen a year with little progress made in advancing students’ rights. The election of current leaders Eddie Zilberbrand and Keiran Carpen was without a popular mandate and marred by controversy, which is justified. As The Spectator pointed out in a recent editorial, Zilberbrand and Carpen failed to follow through on most of their


Finding Financial Aid for the Middle

Each year, thousands of students apply to Stuyvesant High School. Many do so in order to have an edge over other college applicants. They hope that, as Stuyvesant students, they will one day gain admission to a prestigious university. However, even with this leg up, no high school has the ability to lower the steep

The College Process in Retrospect

As seniors finish up their college applications and juniors prepare to brave the storm that awaits, seniors can now reflect on their experiences applying to college and help underclassmen avoid they mistakes they may have made. In this Staff Editorial, junior members of the Editorial Board compiled a list of questions they have about applying to


This Is Real Music, You Uncultured Swine

Every single person at this school is a nugget of ignorantly ignorant goo. I mean, okay—all of you guys live on a planet with an unfathomable amount of great music, yet you choose only to listen to the crap of the crop. Like, yeah, we get it, you know? High culture is, by definition, inaccessible.

Issue4_Art_Humor_ Voice Too Deep (Yuchen Jin)

Student Unaware His Voice Has Dropped Too Low to Go Trick-or-Treating

Much to the dismay of his close friends and peers, freshman Kevin Mitchell has reportedly yet to realize that his voice has dropped too low for him to go trick-or-treating this Halloween. With Mitchell unaware that puberty caused his voice to drop from Spongebob Squarepants to Barack Obama over the past 12 months, Mitchell’s friends

Art & Entertainment

Frank Stella: An Artist’s Evolution

Upon exiting the elevator on the fifth floor of the Whitney Museum of American Art, to the right, one sees looming multicolored structures illuminated in the sunlight. The structures resemble chunks of metal debris welded together in a spherical shape, pierced with enlarged pins. Directly ahead is an expansive wall with the exhibit title: “Frank

Dystopian Novels

Behind the Rise of Dystopias

I fell in love with “The Giver” in sixth grade. While the rest of my class hated it, I found myself intrigued by the concept it portrayed—everyone was treated the same and was colorblind, and everything was chosen for them by The Elders. The lack of freedom should’ve killed the libertarian side of me, but,

How Do Actors’ Previous Roles Follow Them?

There’s eleven of us, friends and family, taking up the prime seats at the seven-story IMAX theater in Lincoln Square, now playing the 3D-version of the much anticipated “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.” And here comes a crucial, breathtaking moment: the film’s antagonist, spoilers ahead, known as Kylo Ren, the grandson of Darth Vader—the primary

Slowing Down New York

Latte, latte—oh, what a surprise!—yet another latte. This is all I see scrolling down my Instagram feed. So, seriously, what’s the big deal with lattes? And also, what’s the big deal with all these new Australian cafés my friend begs me to go with her for, of course, none other than, “a picture for the

Noises Off! Returns To Broadway: Hilarity Ensues

As the audience reclined in their seats and the curtain rose, there was fear in the actors’ faces. The night wore on, and characters entered dressed in the wrong outfits, came on with the wrong props, and completely forgot their lines. The sets fell down, the onstage phone broke, and the director had to take


“You used to call me on my cellphone / Late night when you need my love,” Drake raps in “Hotline Bling,” one of the defining tracks of 2015. The song’s emotional lyrics and playful music video have inspired countless parodies and memes, and have resulted in it earning its place as number two on the

Gilmore Guys

The Guys of the “Gilmore Girls” Fan Base

Art imitates life, as the saying goes, but life is often filled with the mundane: caffeine-driven school days, family dinners, and witty remarks left unsaid. However, art can also portray a fictional world that is filled with the mundane aspects of life, but still manages to be magical. Such is the case with the television


Boys' Swimming

Pirates Cruise to 6-0

The undefeated Pirates, Stuyvesant’s boys swimming and diving team, faced off against the formidable Bronx High School of Science Wolverines, previously undefeated, on January 11, taking home a 59-34 win. The triumph followed a 51-25 rout of the Dewitt Clinton Governors in a divisional matchup on January 7. Having defeated their opponents by an average


Teachers Childhood Aspirations

What Did You Want to Be When You Were Young?

Svetlana Firdman, History “I wanted to be a teacher since I was eleven years old. I remember my teachers trying to explain something to my classmates and they weren’t getting it—it was really silly. But, I always had a desire to learn and teach. I’m living the dream!” Jerry Citron, Biology “When I was in

College Essay: Shannon Daniels

What matters most to you and why? My family is a blend of roast pork with rice, corned-beef, and cabbage: we consume culture just as much as food. We visit relatives for Christmas dinners as well as honor the Buddhist tradition of laying out a picnic beneath a loved one’s tombstone. Of all the things

Un-Fair Skin

Let me give you a visualization. With my thick, wavy hair and my golden brown skin, more brown than that of most Chinese girls, I am usually mistaken for: Filipino One of Hispanic descent An island mix (My friends like to joke that I am the proof that there was an undocumented excursion to China