Cheap Ass Food: Food Gallery 32

Food Gallery 32

11 W 32nd St., New York, NY 10001


If you’re low on money, head to Food Gallery 32. This food court serves four cuisines—Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and Taiwanese—and doesn’t stick to traditional dishes, but instead offers a variety of Korean fusions. There are nine vendors at this Korea Town establishment and the portions are huge.

Mama’s Taiyaki

courtesy of Yelp

Photo courtesy of Yelp

$3 for one regular sized/$5 for eight mini-sized

This irresistible Japanese fish-shaped snack is filled with sweet, piping hot custard or red bean filling to complement the golden brown waffle.

 Mama’s Pocket Bunns

courtesy of Yelp

Photo courtesy of Yelp


Unlike regular steamed buns, Mama’s Pocket Bunns are fluffy, soft fold-over buns shaped like half moons. Inside the folds, they hold delicious caramelized and marinated beef and freshly chopped cabbage and carrots.

Jin Jja Roo’s Jajangmyeon


Photo by Nicholas Chen


This hearty Korean-Chinese fusion consists of thick wheat noodles smothered in a salty black bean sauce. The noodles are served with spicy kimchi, savory miso soup, and sweet yellow pickled radish (danmuji). In other words, it’s a complete meal with a balance of flavors.