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Time to Exercise

As you begin your new academic year, you are undoubtedly thinking about how to manage your schedule so that you can study and prepare for your classes. Your schedule must be efficient and practical, and will hopefully allow time for exercise. What? Exercise? Why exercise? Especially if time demands are so great? Let’s try to

The Element of Expectation

Congratulations, you’re alive. You survived the bloodiest summer in recent memory; it is a summer your children will ask you about when they are in school. I hope you paid attention. The Syrian Civil War is now in its most violent phase, and the Assad regime has begun to use chemical weapons en masse, including

Let’s Label Tomatoes “Grown in Dirt”

“Genetically modified” (GM) sounds scary. It evokes images of science-fiction—hamburgers growing hands and grabbing you, carrots walking on their own. It also spawns horror movies in which a ubiquitous new “great product” turns humans into zombies. Fear of new things is an inherent human trait. When it comes to GMOs, however, this fear is misplaced.

Celebrating Failure: NYS Test Scores Plummet

“Would you rather have gotten a 95 that you didn’t really earn or the 94 that you did?” At the close of my first semester at Stuyvesant, English teacher Maya Zabar concluded an 828-word e-mail sent to me with those words. While at first I didn’t understand her message, Zabar taught me a valuable life lesson:

Teacher Evaluation System to be Implemented This Year

The New York City Department of Education (DOE) has revamped its method for evaluating teachers with its new “Advance” Teacher Evaluation and Development System, which will be implemented during the 2013-2014 school year. The guiding principles of the Advance program are to establish a system that is instructionally valuable; supports development; promotes school-level autonomy; and

Eight Students Interned Across the Nation to Protect Environment

This past summer, eight Stuyvesant students participated in a month-long internship aimed toward environmental awareness and education. The program, Leaders in Environmental Action for the Future (LEAF), was formed by the Nature Conservancy in 1994 and currently works with over 30 urban high schools in the U.S. with environmental programs, including Stuyvesant. Students are sent

All Lockers Are Not Created Equal

Senior Rose Mintzer-Sweeney opened her Student Tools account in mid-August to check her locker notification letter and found out that she was assigned a first floor locker. Seeking to obtain a locker closer to those of her friends, Mintzer-Sweeney visited the Facebook group that had been created to facilitate school locker trading that year, “Stuy

Damesek Barred from Entering School after Release of Report

Assistant Principal of Guidance Randi Damesek was denied entrance into the Stuyvesant building on the morning of Tuesday, September 3, following the release of a 56-page report by the Department of Education (DOE)’s Office of Special Investigations on the June 2012 cheating scandal. The report was published by The New York Times, The Wall Street

Under Common Core, More Rigorous Regents to Start This Year

New and more rigorous Regents exams will be administered this year. Part of an ongoing shift to teach and test a new set of standards known as the Common Core, the changes will first affect students taking the English or Integrated Algebra Regents. Next year, a new Geometry Regents will be introduced, followed by an