Red Cross Holds First “America the Beautiful” Art Show

Stuyvesant’s first “America the Beautiful” art show took place on Friday, April 21, in the first floor hall near the Murray Khan Theater. Organized by the Stuyvesant Red Cross, the art show featured two standing boards full of paintings, sketches, collages, and photographs taken by students. Ninety students attended and perused the works of art displayed.

The event was organized in order to raise money for the Save the Children foundation. Art viewers were asked to donate any amount to the foundation after viewing the art. This non-profit foundation helps children in crises all around the world, but this money is specifically going to the children refugees of the war in Syria. “[We] raised not as much money as we hoped, but a fair amount,” said junior and Red Cross leader Yuan Chen, who planned the event.  

Students in all grades were encouraged to draw what they imagine when they hear “America the Beautiful.” The theme was chosen to offset the current political turmoil in the country. It allowed students a safe place where they could share and discuss art that expressed their feelings.

“With the new whole political landscape and everything that’s happening, we wanted to make a statement and provide a safe space for conversation to go on in school,” junior and Red Cross board member Maiko Sein said.

The colors and mediums used to create the art pieces were completely up to the students, giving them room to be creative with the theme and interpret it the way they wanted. Art pieces that drew the most attention tended to be the less serious ones. This included a painting of a cat in front of the American flag and a watercolor of “American food” in front of a red, white, and blue background.

“It was really inspiring to see all the art pieces that people contributed to put this together, and the fact that it helped raise money for refugees makes it more inspiring,” freshman Yae Eun Kim said.

Red Cross hopes to continue to organize more art shows in the future and display writing, as well.

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