Julia Lee and Amit Narang — Junior Caucus

Julia Lee and Amit Narang

It is rare that a ticket’s platform proposes ideas that do not overlap with those of their opponents. Sophomores Julia Lee and Amit Narang faced the same criticism by The Spectator, but to a lesser extent; their platform contained many thoughtful and original ideas. For this reason, The Spectator has chosen to endorse this ticket.

Lee and Narang tackled implementing PSAL frees in their platform, something the Student Union has placed on its agenda for years. However, they have reached out to several schools, such as LaGuardia and Bronx Science, which provide gym frees for students participating in PSAL, and hope to model their plans for implementation around these existing programs.

Like most platforms, Lee and Narang focused on communication, but instead of repeating the typical ideas (an increase in e-mails and Facebook posts), they showed us a prototype of their Messenger Bot. With this platform for communication, Lee and Narang are opening themselves up to anonymous constructive criticism, and they hope to use it to provide real-time solutions to their grades’ concerns. They also will use the Messenger Bot for frequent polling, and this can prove to be extremely useful for JProm and college event planning.

The duo is in-tune with the needs of rising juniors: academics, college, and the future. Along with continuing the tradition of College Night, and already reaching out with the college office to discuss college trips, Lee and Narang hope to implement a Career Day. By working with the Alumni Association to bring in guest speakers, they hope to provide students with insight into a future beyond school.

Lee and Narang also hope to provide tutoring services after school and on weekends, when the Stuyvesant building is already open as a community center. They have spoken with tutoring services with the goal of receiving discounts for students, which will cover the required DOE fees and lower the cost for individual students.

That is not to say they are ignoring school spirit; for JProm, Lee and Narang called upon their successes planning Soph-Frosh Semi-Formal. They hope to restructure JProm planning by allocating responsibilities to different departments: communications, decorations, food, security, layout, and music. With this greater student involvement, they believe that one of the only junior spirit events will attract more attendees.

Their platform is not without shortcomings; the proposal for SU volunteer hours is fuzzy at best, with details left unclear about whether they would work with ARISTA or Red Cross. However, it does show an effort to solve concerns over mandatory Pep Band attendance for band members, because qualified SU volunteers would fill these slots.

Despite these flaws, The Spectator is confident in the abilities of Lee and Narang to steer the Class of 2019 through the upcoming junior year.

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