Harrison Vokshoor and Oliver Frank — Junior Caucus

Sophomores Harrison Vokshoor and Oliver Frank bring original ideas in their platform for Junior Caucus. The Spectator’s Managing Board was very impressed during their interview by their bright personalities and research.

Their platform includes proposals that were long sought for by the caucuses of the Student Union (SU), such as the reformation of the cell phone policy, continuous updates for the student body, and more student involvement in the SU.

More specific to the Junior Caucus is their plan to improve the college trip for the rising juniors by making the process more efficient. By consulting the incumbent Junior Caucus President, Vokshoor and Frank have already identified many of the problems concerning college trips. However, the ticket’s proposal for how it will be improved, a “special advisor position,” is vague and underdeveloped.

In addition to the college trip improvement initiative, Vokshoor and Frank plan to help their peers be more college-ready by acting as intermediaries for colleges and business in the city for student internship and mentor opportunities.

They also hope to replace the bathroom paper towel dispensers with air hand dryers in order to be more environment-friendly and cost-efficient. On a related note, they plan to improve the school environment by solving the cockroach and mice problem that the school has had for many years. While also improving the school environment, they desire to promote school spirit by bringing the student body closer through larger Open Mic events and volunteering days at local soup kitchens.

Despite the uniqueness of their ideas, The Spectator finds that these proposals do not reflect the main interests of the student body, or more specifically, the main interests of rising sophomores. Combined with a lack of concrete implementations in crucial areas, such as college admissions, The Spectator has decided not to endorse this ticket.

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