Farah Alam and Summer Shabana — Junior Caucus

Junior Caucus candidates Farah Alam and Summer Shabana present ambitious ideas that aim to make the notoriously difficult junior year at Stuyvesant more relaxed. However, bringing these ideas to fruition may pose a challenge. The duo has a balanced approach that involves both academic advising and engaging events.

The pair proposed creating a lunch-on-the-go program similar to the Wellness Council’s breakfast-on-the-go, and increasing attendance at events (like themed dances) by lowering costs.

Yet as expressed during their interview, the new event prices reflect marginal decreases—$10 to $15 as opposed to the $20 average current price— and the strategy heavily relies on luring in more event-goers in order to compensate for the price cuts, along with bake sales and candy gram sales.

Additionally, the lunch-on-the-go program involves planting a day-long station on the second floor, and determining meal tickets may be an onerous process, since not everyone is eligible for free lunch.

On the academic side, this ticket has plans for increasing the number of the college office assemblies and for creating Advanced Placement (AP) advisory meetings. The duo has reached out to Director of College Counseling Jeffrey Makris about greater coordination between the student caucuses and the college office, showing their commitment to reaching this goal. However, there still appears to be a lack of a common strategy besides hosting more meetings. Furthermore, the AP advisory meetings merely serve an already-filled role of informing students about what specific AP courses teach.   

The sophomores appear to have researched their policies abstractly with outreach to certain administrators, but there was an admitted lack of experience with student government.  While the pair would represent new faces in the SU, their lack of experience poses problems for fulfilling the needs of the junior class. Coupled with the unfeasible aspects of their platform, The Spectator does not endorse this ticket.

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