Abner Kahan and Andrew Lu — Junior Caucus

Sophomores Abner Kahan and Andrew Lu chose not to release their platform to The Spectator, citing the need for an “equal playing field” between students and the paper. Instead, they proceeded to propose a series of disorganized and far-fetched plans for the school’s improvement.

Some of this ticket’s ideas are original, such as conducting lead tests of Stuyvesant’s water fountains, distributing healthy homeroom snacks with salvaged wasted fruit, and establishing a battery pack bank to address the ban on using power outlets. Small improvements such as setting up umbrella bags and placing mats in the swimming pool locker rooms suggest a grounded, no-stones-left-unturned approach. Furthermore, there was an emphasis on steering clear of Facebook—often derided for being a home for cyber-bullying—and turning to Google Groups and .edu sites.  

A number of their ideas are simply unfeasible. For one, their sole financial policy is to power a Bitcoin machine with the school’s electricity to mine Bitcoins, a currency mired in legal and stability issues even outside of a school environment’s constraints. The pair’s Junior Prom proposal involves creating a random-pairing process based on gender preferences, with no regard to already-established couples.

Another key initiative of Kahan and Lu involves choosing randomly-selected homeroom representatives in an effort to better represent the student body. However, randomly-selected homeroom representatives will likely lack the drive and aptitude of elected homeroom representatives.

Most importantly, Kahan and Lu lack ideas about where juniors will need the most help: college admissions and the rigorous academic year ahead. Due to their platform’s lack of cohesiveness and disconnect with the Class of 2019, Kahan and Lu have not earned The Spectator’s endorsement.

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