George Kitsios and George Triantafillou

After a successful junior year complete with fulfilled campaign promises, the guarantee of an amazing junior prom, and a series of comedic YouTube videos with Student Union (SU) updates, George Kitsios and George Triantafillou have proven themselves once again as credible and passionate leaders, winning The Spectator’s endorsement for this year’s Senior Caucus election.

Last year, Kitsios and Triantafillou ran for Junior Caucus with a platform promising a successful package of college trips, following the disorganization that occurred the previous year under the leadership of now-seniors Christine Xu and Jason Duong, and the pair delivered, creating two popular trips with minimal trouble. In addition to this, Kitsios and Triantafillou were keen on expanding senior free privileges to the juniors, and were able to accomplish this goal by working closely with the administration.

However, what sets Kitsios and Triantafillou apart from all other candidates this year is their unique stance in fighting student apathy. This past year, they’ve met tremendous success with decreasing the culture of apathy in Stuyvesant. A few years ago, both Soph-Frosh Semiformal and Junior Prom were scoffed at. Semiformal wasn’t even held for a few years, and though Junior Prom was, it was anything but popular. While Kitsios and Triantafillou were Sophomore and Junior Caucus President and Vice President, not only were both dances held, but they were also widely popular. While dances are, on the surface, not the most significant parts of the school year, they are big steps towards decreasing apathy and creating a healthy environment in Stuyvesant.

Furthermore, Kitsios and Triantafillou seek to expand on this mission against apathy once again, as seen in their Senior Caucus platform. In addition to the regular promises for an unforgettable senior prom, more spirit days and activities, and more college trips, their Attack Apathy (AA) campaign hopes to improve transparency with SU actions and to expand outreach through online and face-to-face communication, with the goal of getting the student body more involved.

For the past two years, The Spectator has been very impressed by the performance of Kitsios and Triantafillou as representatives of the student body. Last year, we endorsed Kitsios and Triantafillou because they had outperformed their promises sophomore year, and we endorse them this year because they exceeded our expectations once again during their term as Junior Caucus President and Vice President. The Spectator looks forward to seeing what Kitsios and Triantafillou, as this year’s potential Senior Caucus leaders, will accomplish with one more year.

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