Adam DeHovitz and Sanam Bhatia

After placing second in last year’s Junior Caucus election, Adam DeHovitz and Sanam Bhatia are running for Senior Caucus in hopes of increasing its influence in the Student Union (SU). They have specific plans to improve both the caucus’s and students’ relationship with the SU, including meeting more regularly and posting a whiteboard with announcements outside the SU office.

Their first and foremost proposed change, however, is to create a more active, open Advisory Council—one in which members apply for specific roles within the council, such as tech or event coordination. Meetings will be more frequent, there will be an open-door policy, and minutes will be posted immediately after meetings. Additionally, students outside the SU will be able to join the meetings as special members, creating a rotating council through which more students can get directly involved. We support this original idea to give ordinary students more of a say on topics about which they are passionate, but question whether or not students will have the initiative to take advantage of it.

DeHovitz and Bhatia will also work to foster grade unity. By planning Spirit Days earlier in the year, creating more of them (such as tie-dye day and a winter formal), and posting a schedule of days on a Senior Caucus blog, they hope to create a more fun environment and greater participation on these days. They also plan to post bi-weekly spotlights on cool endeavors in which seniors are involved on this blog. Lastly, they hope to create a committee early in the year to plan Senior Prom and represent the opinions of the senior class as a whole. Their main goal will be to lower the ticket price so that more people can attend, and they will ask for student feedback online regarding critical issues such as ticket price.

The proposals to increase grade unity are concrete and appear to be well within the candidates’ abilities. Though they both serve as members of the SU and will fight to have a strong influence in the SU, they are not as accustomed to student leadership or the inner workings of the SU as their opponents, George Kitsios and George Triantafillou, who have proven their ability to communicate with the student body during the past year. Ultimately, DeHovitz and Bhatia are competent and passionate candidates with a strong platform, but their overall goals were less focused than those of their more experienced and proven opponents.

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