Trump Dresses Up as Legit Candidate for Halloween

Trump with Hillary mask

Art by Fahim Rahman

On October 31, 2016, a day known to many as Halloween, people dress up in costumes to pretend to be things they are not. Many people dress up as really scary things, like vampires, college admissions officers, zombies, and the SAT.

This year, the bar has been raised with the Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump, and his absolutely terrifying costume. Trump is well known throughout the country, and the world, as one of the craziest politicians for his bigotry, racism and sexism among other things.

For Halloween, however, Trump has shocked the world.

Instead of attending his usual rallies, Trump went to an actual press conference and answered questions from the media, such as “How will we kick start the economy?” with valid responses like “Introducing tax reforms to promote private sector growth and employment creation.”

After the press conference, Trump decided to hit the streets, not to exercise his Second Amendment rights but to speak out against racism, calling it a “plague upon our nation” and “a disease we must eradicate.”

Not only that, but Trump also advocated for the rights of women in the workplace by promising to enact laws which would give women the same pay and the same rights as men.

Everyone was shocked to see Trump do a complete turnaround and run a legitimate campaign. Some believed this was going to lead to true change.

“I think he’s finally decided to square up and be a legitimate candidate. He might be better than George H. W. Bush!” exclaimed junior Jake Zaia while he ripped up posters that read “Hillary for President.”

However, alumnus Taiga Tase (‘16) has said, “This is no permanent change. Deep inside, Trump really knows what is best for his campaign: Making America Great Again.”

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