Student Complains “Too Much Break”

Art by Klaire Geller
Art by Klaire Geller

As Stuyvesant opened its doors after spring break, excited students streamed in and began kissing the floor, the scanners, and Mr. Moran’s shiny head in their sheer happiness to be back.

“I’m just so happy I’m back at Stuyvesant,” freshman Sudat Khan said. “My parents forced me to go to the Caribbean over break, and it was awful! Do you know how hard it is to study honors advanced ATP French Biology in a hula skirt?”

Many students resent that they had to leave school at all and have decided to end spring break once and for all. Led by junior Shiva Vum, supporters of this movement decided to call themselves the “Spring Break Breakers.”

“First, the administration forces me to stop sleeping in the computer science rooms overnight, then they make me go home over the weekends instead of hiding in the biology lab like I usually do, and now they tell me I have to leave school for a whole two weeks! This is terrible!” Vum declared.

After being left on seen by junior and Student Union vice president Tahseen Chowdhury, the “Spring Break Breakers” decided to take matters into their own hands by creating a petition.

“I know that every petition created in the past has failed miserably, but I’m confident that this time will somehow be different,” freshman Qiong Huang said. “I’m sure the whole school will sign to cancel spring break.”

Students have high hopes that unlike every past petition, the administration will in fact enact change. “I still can’t believe that my petition for an extra snow day didn’t do anything,” junior Tasdid Khandaker bemoaned. “I don’t understand how the Department of Education didn’t see the 300 student signatures and immediately close all public schools.”

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