Heartfelt Letters Between Putin and Trump

Dear Vladimir,

As we expected, the election would go just the way we wanted. The masses were angry at the electoral college, and they’re still unsure of what will happen after my inauguration. But, to be fair, so am I.

Because of the challenges our countries may have to face in the coming years, we will have to work together to build a more stable foundation. We could build walls for both of our countries, and hopefully we can help the rich from both of our countries become richer.

My apologies for not getting you a Christmas present; I was busy during New Years because I was arguing with Pence about the opinions I plan to hold for my first 100 days.

I hope the best for the next year, wishing that we can make America great again.


The Donald


Dear The Donald,

Luckily, everything went as planned—I originally worried about the election results, though I will never admit this. But Clinton’s concession speech was quite nice. Through the right steps towards collaboration, relations between Russia and the U.S. will continue to improve.

The situation with the Middle East has become more violent, but hopefully we can work together to arrange plans for that. Needless to say, our countries must work on an international level to achieve stability.

No worries about the Christmas present. The challenges that we will face will be enough.

I hope that we can discuss further plans before your inauguration.



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