Fashion Advice: Last-Minute, Low-Budget Costumes

On the low end wallet-wise and time-wise? Fear not! Here are some easy-to-achieve Halloween looks.


Tar Pit Ghost:

Materials: Garbage bag and scissors

Step 1: Cut two eyeholes in garbage bag.

Step 2: Wear the bag, positioning the holes in front of face.

Optional: Super-glue classmates to floor.


Environmentally-Friendly Mummy:

Materials: Two sheets of toilet paper and tape

Step 1: Tape sheet of toilet paper on left cheek.

Step 2: Tape sheet of toilet paper on right cheek.

Optional: Follow Ms. Maggio around.


Elsa’s Less Glamorous Cousin:

Materials: Garbage bag

Step 1: Roll in some dirt to get an earthly smell. (Pro tip: Battery Park is a good source of dirt.)

Step 2: Collect a garbage bag full of debris.

Step 3: Collect twigs and stick them into hair.

Optional: In class, loudly sing, “Let it grow!” and throw dirt into the air from the garbage bag.


Mermaid with Legs:

Materials: Fish and fork

Step 1: Rub fish inside wrists, behind ears, on neck, and inside elbows for seafood smell.

Step 2: Stick fork in hair.

Optional: Sing above vocal range when walking through the halls.


Patrick the Starfish:

Materials: Five traffic cones and good friend

Step 1: Place cone on each limb.

Step 2: Place cone on head.

Step 3: Go to all classes via good friend’s back.

Optional: Obstruct traffic.

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