A Guide to APs

A Guide To APs
Art by Joyce Gao

AP Psychology:

        If you were conscious during the class, you’ll have a good chance of getting a five on the AP. Have some self-efficacy! Make this a self-fulfilling prophesy!

AP French?

        La baguette! Le pain! Le Pen??!!

AP European History:

Well, you had the Romans, and then things kind of just got broken apart after that. Like, really broken up. Better study up on all of those German fiefdoms that can be walked across in under five minutes. Did I mention the 20 Louises that ruled France, the eight Edwards of England, and the 16 Pope Benedicts?

AP World History:

        Refer to AP Euro, except with an area 19 times larger and with a period of study quite a bit longer. No, Joan of Arc didn’t get reincarnated, and Austria and Australia aren’t “similar things.”

AP US History:

        Let’s give it up for Columbus for discovering this majestic and unspoiled continent and then populating it with rebellious religious dissidents and greedy plantation owners who seized slaves as if they were being auctioned off (they were) and raided Native American lands (from sea to shining sea right?), creating a beautiful wreck of a nation that somehow came to the world’s rescue twice! Well, that and some more details. And Trump.


AP US Government:

        Is there anything left of it?

AP Computer Science:

        First, there were ints and doubles. Then, it evolved into inheritance and polymorphism. By the end, the only history is my grades.

AP Art History:

        Van Gogh never made much Monet.

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