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Phoenix’s Season Comes to a Close

Tension was high as the Stuyvesant Phoenix attempted to break a two year streak of first round exits in the playoffs. With a sea of fans donning “Bleed White + Blue” t-shirts, Stuyvesant Phoenix junior and co-captain Shannon Lau raced down the court during the first round of a playoffs game against LaGuardia High School.

NBA Trade Deadline Recap

*Stats are updated through March 3, 2017 unless otherwise specified The National Basketball Association (NBA) trade deadline is usually a time filled with rumors but little action. However, in the 2017 deadline, lots of keys moves were made, including the DeMarcus Cousins trade, one of the largest blockbuster deals in NBA history. Here is a

The Titans Take Home Their Fourth Banner

Brooklyn Technical High School’s freshman and first singles William Song was on an intensive winning streak. “CHO LEI!” Song yelled the classic table tennis victory chant as he gained point after point over Bronx Science’s senior and first singles Junjie Gao. His dark blue t-shirt cladded comrades filled up the third-floor gymnasium, screaming approval. It

Spartans Finish Strong

  Stuyvesant Spartans’ senior and co-captain Cade Lueker circles the wrestling mat, eyeing his opponent, senior Feras Zedeia of William C. Bryant High School. With first place in the city on the line for the 170-weight class, they exchange a few quick taps to the head, when suddenly Zedeia strikes, locking their arms, and brings

Lemurs Hopeful For Championship

The Lemurs, Stuyvesant’s boys’ gymnastics team, have hit their mid-season stride with a promising outlook for the future. At their second meet of the season against the John F. Kennedy Campus Knights, Stuyvesant pulled away with a win by a mere tenth of a point. The very tight score would put any team on edge

Just For Show

Awards in sports are measures of a player’s career achievements, and they represent the best players in the game during a certain period of time. Every eligible National Basketball Association (NBA) Most Valuable Player (MVP) has been inducted into the Hall of Fame. The best players in the NBA are perennial All-Stars, and the number

Losers and Winners in the First Half of the 2016-2017 NBA Season

The Cleveland Cavaliers Slump Into The All-Star Break: The Cavaliers stumbled into the All-Star Break with losses to some of the worst teams in the National Basketball Association (NBA): the New Orleans Pelicans, the Dallas Mavericks, and the Sacramento Kings. Following these losses, LeBron James complained to the media that the Cavaliers needed another playmaker