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Keeping Track of Trump: Confronting His Presidency

Hundreds of students walked out of New York City high schools on Thursday, February 9, to protest President Donald Trump’s travel ban on seven Muslim majority nations. Hardly anybody from Stuyvesant attended. The Trump administration seems remote to many, and it is difficult to imagine his policies influencing New York City. Some immigrant families, having

In Defense of Student Autonomy

Step is stomping, reverberating up to the ceilings; artists are on the floor, painting giant canvases; and students are sewing costumes underneath their desks during class. It’s SING! season and it’s madness, but it’s always worth it: in the end, each grade will come together to produce a hilarious, beautiful, and moving display of incredible

Leveling the Playing Field for Girls in the Classroom

In a Spectator survey taken by 555 Stuyvesant students—302 female, 233 male, and 20 who identified as other genders—42.7 percent of respondents reported having experienced what they perceived as gender-based treatment from teachers. Female students reported sexist behaviors on the part of teachers which ranged from microaggressions to inappropriate physical contact. More commonly, both girls

Stuyvesant’s Race Issue

To those who are familiar with our school, hearing the words “race issue” and “Stuyvesant High School” together in one sentence can only mean one thing. And for those who aren’t as familiar with the school, all it takes a pie chart depicting Stuyvesant’s racial demographic to point out the obvious problem that exists within

And So We Must Move On

We awakened on November 9 to find that our world had been shattered. As Stuyvesant students, we had been floating in a bubble: a place open to all backgrounds, but also a place insulated by a progressive, New York City mindset. The 2016 election revealed an America we didn’t know existed: an America that elected

Art by Jenny Gao

Election Anecdotes

These anecdotes were written by members of the Editorial Board and other members of the Stuyvesant Community. They were placed alongside our Staff Editorial for Issue 5 Volume CVII, which can be found here. Matteo Wong, junior My mother, who has straight posture and green, sunny eyes, slouched back against the counter and gave the floor