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Using Biotech
Art by Anne Chen

Unnatural History of the Holocene

In June 1884, three Icelanders rowed through the night to a remote, rocky island that was home to the world’s last pair of great auks. Like the dodo, these penguin-like seabirds were largely defenseless against humans, and were doomed by their parental instincts. Their last stand was undignified. Once this pair was located, they were

London Terror Attack
Art by Angel Zheng

London Terror Attack: Is Immigration to Blame?

Terror struck the heart of London on March 22, 2017, when Khalid Masood carried out a reprehensible terror attack that left five people dead. Without hesitation, European leaders used the attack as an opportunity to further their anti-Muslim immigration rhetoric. Marine Le Pen, the French far-right leader and presidential candidate, immediately condemned the attack in

Trump and Press

Trump’s Next Target: Free Press

Since 1915, The Stuyvesant Spectator has served not only as an extracurricular activity for thousands of budding journalists, but also as the voice and informant of the student body. We’ve investigated and published groundbreaking articles about the 2012 cheating scandal and the 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center. We’ve won awards for our outstanding

Mayors: Stand Up to Trump by Sitting Down

In a show of camaraderie and leadership, mayors of America’s largest cities are opposing measures by President Trump which target illegal immigrants for deportation. Opposing executive orders which many see as racist and unfair is a moral high-ground many of our cities’ leaders are taking, but this opposition is not well reasoned. Even though America’s

A Moral Economy

A little more than eight years ago today, the world was on the brink of utter collapse. While many of us were adjusting to a new school year, our parents, teachers, neighbors, and everyone else were overwhelmed with anxiety as they saw markets tumble. Despite the government’s attempts to remedy anxiety arising from the crash,

Being Jewish Under Trump

My father grew up in St. Louis, Missouri, and my mother grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They experienced little anti-Semitism growing up, partly because large numbers of Jews lived in their communities, and there were peaceful relations with the Christians that lived alongside them. They never reported hearing anti-Semitic slurs or seeing swastikas drawn on

Trump vs Cities

Find Sanctuary in Our Cities

While the flurry of executive orders from President Donald Trump in the past couple weeks was highlighted by his travel ban on citizens from seven Muslim-majority countries, another of his executive orders that has flown under the radar is one concerning sanctuary cities. Sanctuary cities are cities or counties that do not comply with federal

He Said, She Said: What Teachers and Students Want Each Other to Know

Passive aggressive Facebook statuses posted in the early morning and whispered complaints in the teacher’s lounge between periods highlight what seems to be a given—teachers and students don’t always understand each other. We asked six teachers and six students to respond to the question, “What do you wish students/teachers would realize?” through in-person and e-mail

On Gender Roles and the Family

As an immigrant, I lived in a dangerous neighborhood and went to a failing elementary school. My parents were too busy working, and my most basic notions of masculinity came from machismo; my neighbors and classmates encouraged me to objectify women and take pride in brute physical strength. In fact, I was bullied because I