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A Defense of the Mainstream Media

Immediately after the passage of the Constitution, the collection of 10 amendments we now call the Bill of Rights was ratified. The first amendment guarantees that Congress shall make no law infringing upon freedom of speech, religion, press, assembly, and petition. Recently, many news sources have been using their first amendment privileges in the United

Leveling the Playing Field for Girls in the Classroom

In a Spectator survey taken by 555 Stuyvesant students—302 female, 233 male, and 20 who identified as other genders—42.7 percent of respondents reported having experienced what they perceived as gender-based treatment from teachers. Female students reported sexist behaviors on the part of teachers which ranged from microaggressions to inappropriate physical contact. More commonly, both girls

Renzi’s Referendum

In less than 30 days, my mother, an Italian citizen residing in the United States, was abandoned by the two countries she calls home. A month after America elected a misogynist to the White House, the Italian citizenry voted “no” to a referendum attempting to reshape the Italian Constitution on December 4, leaving many feeling

Stuyvesant’s Race Issue

To those who are familiar with our school, hearing the words “race issue” and “Stuyvesant High School” together in one sentence can only mean one thing. And for those who aren’t as familiar with the school, all it takes a pie chart depicting Stuyvesant’s racial demographic to point out the obvious problem that exists within

Learning About the Other America

Before two summers ago, racism was simply a word for me. I was too young to really understand racism before I came to New York from Canada, and before that from China, and New York did not teach me much on the subject. Here, it was normal to share the city with people who were

Renewing America Part 2: Subcultural Solidarity

When visiting the poorest neighborhood in New York, you will see a misery that goes beyond economic aspects. Its inhabitants are plagued with crime, sexual exploitation, fatherlessness, divorce, and violence. The sheer brutality and ugliness of the lives of so many Americans is shocking. In my previous article, “Renewing America: A Paradigm Proposal,” I proposed

Silence at the Dinner Table

“Do you like Asian people?” If I had been in New York City that summer, I would have never been asked that question. But in that moment, I was in the small Polish town of Dzierzoniow, braiding my ten-year-old cousin’s hair on the couch in her living room. She asked me this question so nonchalantly