2015 Campaign Coverage articles

Paulina and Nils
Photo by Ting Ting Chen

Niels Graham and Paulina Ruta

Niels Graham and Paulina Ruta

Midway through their interview, Graham and Ruta said something surprising: they don’t want to put effort into fighting student apathy. “Our grade is abnormally apathetic,” they wrote in their platform. “For the past three years, candidates have run a crusade on apathy in our grade to little fruition.” To Graham and Ruta, continuing to battle

Abie and Pallab
Photo by Ting Ting Chen

Pallab Saha and Abie Rohrig

Sophomores Pallab Saha and Abie Rohrig’s extensive platform and suit-and-tie appearance bore the mark of two years of close collaboration with Student Union (SU) President Matthew So and Vice President Tahseen Chowdhury. Like So and Chowdhury, Saha and Rohrig’s multi-page platform and equally well thought out answers to The Spectator Managing Board’s interview questions not

Julia and Stephanie
Photo by Ting Ting Chen

Julia Lee and Stephanie Naing

Compared to some other candidates running for Sophomore Caucus, Julia Lee and Stephanie Naing may not have the most experience working with the Student Union (SU). However, The Spectator has decided to endorse Lee and Naing, because they had the most comprehensive, thought-out, and promising platform. Many of their goals are, first off, very plausible

Retraction of “Candidates Lose Points for Bribery in Junior Caucus Election” in Issue 16

The Spectator deeply regrets publishing an article on the Junior Caucus election in our June 15 issue that included a charge of bribery against two candidates, sophomores Sachal Malick and Anna Usvitsky. These students were never involved in such a violation, and in fact should never have been associated with such actions, according to Coordinator

Caucus - Sophomore - Kevin and Oscar by Jensen Foerster

Kevin Boodram and Oscar Wang – Sophomore Caucus

Sophomore Caucus candidates Kevin Boodram and Oscar Wang think big. Even though they’re freshmen, they have plans to reform the entire Student Union, are committed to making change, and are the one and only ticket in the entirety of SU elections (in any race) concerned with the outrageously underutilized Student Union Constitution. For these reasons,

Abie Rohrig and Inbar Pe’er – Sophomore Caucus

Sophomore Caucus candidate Abie Rohrig and his running mate, Inbar Pe’er, seemed genuinely enthusiastic about having an opportunity to improve our school. They spoke almost effortlessly, emphasizing their close connection and personable warmth as key factors that would make them more capable representatives of the student body. However, while both candidates have had previous experience