2014 Campaigns articles

Gabe Rosen and Justin Kong

Gabe Rosen and Justin Kong

We have seen a year with little progress made in advancing students’ rights. The election of current leaders Eddie Zilberbrand and Keiran Carpen was without a popular mandate and marred by controversy, which is justified. As The Spectator pointed out in a recent editorial, Zilberbrand and Carpen failed to follow through on most of their

Keiran Carpen and Jonathan Aung

In a recent staff editorial, “Tell Us What’s Going On!,” the Editorial Board criticized the Student Union (SU) for failing to effectively communicate with the student body. And, at first sight, SU candidates Keiran Carpen and Jonathan Aung seem committed to the idea of improving communication: ranging from hosting open Executive Council meetings to giving

Wei Lin and Joyce Lee

Candidates running for Student Union (SU) are often insiders to the political process. Junior Wei Lin and sophomore Joyce Lee, however, are not. Despite popular opinion, Lin and Lee believe that this is not a weakness, but rather a strength. They believe that being outsiders to the SU will result in a better understanding of

George Kitsios and George Triantafillou

After a successful junior year complete with fulfilled campaign promises, the guarantee of an amazing junior prom, and a series of comedic YouTube videos with Student Union (SU) updates, George Kitsios and George Triantafillou have proven themselves once again as credible and passionate leaders, winning The Spectator’s endorsement for this year’s Senior Caucus election. Last

Adam DeHovitz and Sanam Bhatia

After placing second in last year’s Junior Caucus election, Adam DeHovitz and Sanam Bhatia are running for Senior Caucus in hopes of increasing its influence in the Student Union (SU). They have specific plans to improve both the caucus’s and students’ relationship with the SU, including meeting more regularly and posting a whiteboard with announcements

Krzysztof Hochlewicz and William Yang

Junior Caucus candidates Krzysztof Hochlewicz and William Yang have proven themselves to be professional and capable, thus winning The Spectator’s endorsement in this year’s Junior Caucus elections. When running for Sophomore Caucus, Hochlewicz and Yang put forth an ambitious platform including the continuation of the Soph-Frosh semiformal, more school dances throughout the year, and a

Sorato Doken and Shuhei Yamaguchi

Unlike most tickets, Sorato Doken and Shuhei Yamaguchi are candidates who want to fight for the status quo. They want to find what they call a “sustainable status quo,” as they find that students are often put off by change. By maintaining the status quo, the candidates wish to cooperate with the administration on policies,

Jennifer Dikler and Rahul Debnath

Junior caucus candidates sophomores Jennifer Dikler and her running mate Rahul Debnath both feel confident in their abilities to hold leadership positions due to their experience as members of the current Sophomore Advisory Counsel, headed by Sophomore Caucus President Krzysztof Hochlewicz and William Yang. However, The Spectator has chosen to not endorse Dikler and Debnath