2016 Campaign Coverage articles

Paulina and Nils
Photo by Ting Ting Chen

Niels Graham and Paulina Ruta

Niels Graham and Paulina Ruta

Midway through their interview, Graham and Ruta said something surprising: they don’t want to put effort into fighting student apathy. “Our grade is abnormally apathetic,” they wrote in their platform. “For the past three years, candidates have run a crusade on apathy in our grade to little fruition.” To Graham and Ruta, continuing to battle

Abie and Pallab
Photo by Ting Ting Chen

Pallab Saha and Abie Rohrig

Sophomores Pallab Saha and Abie Rohrig’s extensive platform and suit-and-tie appearance bore the mark of two years of close collaboration with Student Union (SU) President Matthew So and Vice President Tahseen Chowdhury. Like So and Chowdhury, Saha and Rohrig’s multi-page platform and equally well thought out answers to The Spectator Managing Board’s interview questions not

Julia and Stephanie
Photo by Ting Ting Chen

Julia Lee and Stephanie Naing

Compared to some other candidates running for Sophomore Caucus, Julia Lee and Stephanie Naing may not have the most experience working with the Student Union (SU). However, The Spectator has decided to endorse Lee and Naing, because they had the most comprehensive, thought-out, and promising platform. Many of their goals are, first off, very plausible

Kenny and Tina
Photo by Ting Ting Chen

Kenny Wong and Tina Shi

Wong and Shi possessed an energy unrivaled by the other candidates. In terms of optimism—a quality that has allowed the likes of former presidents John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan to, at least in some communities, be warmly regarded—this ticket was the strongest. It was practically impossible to listen to them talk, Wong especially, without

Jason and Astrid
Photo by Ting Ting Chen

Jason Feng and Astrid Malter

Jason Feng and Astrid Malter are the Sophomore Caucus candidates with the most Student Union (SU) experience. Feng currently serves as Freshman Caucus Vice-President, alongside Freshman Caucus President Hanah Jun, and Malter is an assistant to the Communications Directors. Feng and Malter had some concrete plans for how to be an effective caucus. Theirs was

Jan and Shamaul
Photo by Ting Ting Chen

Jan Wojcik and Shamaul Dilmohamed

Wojcik and Dilmohamed entered the Senior Caucus race disadvantaged, lacking genuine experience in dealing with administration and bureaucracy. An important quality in a student leader is the ability to negotiate effectively with adult leadership at school—something that caucus incumbents Namra Zulfiqar and Enver Ramadani, and SU Budget Director Niels Graham and Director of Clubs and

Robin and Nicholas
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Nicholas Chan and Robin Han

Unfortunately, Robin Han did not appear at the interview, so The Spectator’s Managing Board could only talk to presidential candidate Nicholas Chan. While the duo’s platform consisted of some interesting ideas, such as a grade-wide trip to increase school spirit and helping students manage homework levels, it lacked ideas for their implementation. For instance, they

Cai and Yang
Photo by Ting Ting Chen

Cathy Cai and Yiding Yang

Cai and Yang have already proven to be dedicated: Yang has participated in Freshman Caucus committees and the Freshman Advisory Counsel, and Cai has leadership experience from elementary and middle school, though it is difficult to predict how this would translate to sophomore year. However, at the interview with The Spectator Managing Board, Cai dominated

Asim and Kevin
Photo by Ting Ting Chen

Asim Kapparova and Kevin Li

Asim Kapparova and Kevin Li’s website is very organized, and focuses its attention on the bulk of their campaign, rather than, like last year, themselves as candidates. They lay out their platform in six points: spirit, college trips, academics, communication, daily life, and organization. Each section is color-coded, and contains bullet points with bolded words

Hasan Tukhtamishev and Kenneth Chu

Tukhtamishev and Chu focus on school spirit in their four-part campaign platform, which includes promises to address Senior Prom, communication between students and the administration, and grade-wide unity and pride. Their platform suggests that they understand the purpose and function of the Senior Caucus, and demonstrates an awareness of the needs and wants of the