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AP Exams Reduce in Cost

  This year, the cost of the Advanced Placement (AP) exams offered at Stuyvesant was subsidized from $93 to $9.00 for those who pay for full-priced lunch. For students who receive free lunch, they will not be charged for taking the exams. While taking an AP course, students are required to complete a full year of

NEWS- Chinese New Year Festival (1) by David Liu
Photo by David Liu

Language Department Holds Second Annual Chinese New Year Festival

Students crowded the seventh floor language wing amidst a sea of red paper lanterns and cutouts on Tuesday, February 14. The homemade decorations were the product of weeks of preparation for the language department’s annual Chinese New Year festival. Chinese New Year, also known as the “Spring Festival,” marks the start of a new year

Administration Streamlines Process for Program Changes

Starting this semester, program changes have been restructured so that students’ schedules are changed the same day they have been requested. With the new process, Assistant Principals (AP) were seated throughout the cafeteria, rather than the theater, after school from Tuesday, January 31, to Thursday, February 2. Once an AP approved a student’s schedule change,

Following Passage of State Law, Seniors Lag in Vaccination Requirements

In recent weeks, Stuyvesant students have been stopped by the scanners because they lack proper vaccinations. A new update in the state health law, Public Health Law 2164, has adjusted immunization requirements for public school students. Most notably, all students entering 12th grade are now mandated by New York State to receive booster vaccinations against

NEWS - Haley Tanner by Caitlin Chao
Photo by Caitlin Chao

“Vaclav and Lena” Author Speaks to Freshmen English Students

Haley Tanner, author of the novel “Vaclav and Lena,” visited Stuyvesant on Thursday, December 19, speaking to Stuyvesant’s freshman readers and writers. The program was organized by English teachers Emily Moore and Annie Thoms, who read her novel with their Freshman Composition classes. Their students had been given permission to miss their period six class

Kucher, Lin
Photo by Nancy Cao

Kucher and Lin Named Regeneron Scholars

Seniors Phillip Kucher and Sharon Lin were named Top Scholars of the Regeneron Science Talent Search, previously known as the Intel Science Talent Search, on Wednesday, January 4. Lin’s project, “A Novel Multiparameter Optical Sensor Using CMOS Imaging and Remote Neural Networks for Microbial Analysis,” meets the intersection of computer science and environmental science. The

Bologna to Replace Galano as Athletic Director

Physical Education teacher Peter Bologna assumed the position of Athletic Director on Monday, December 12. The Athletic Director, a role formerly occupied by Christopher Galano, is in charge of overseeing all of Stuyvesant’s sports teams. In late November, Galano announced that he would be accepting a position offered to him in the Westchester School District.

SING! Rescheduled Due to SATs

SING! season is upon Stuyvesant, and with it comes some changes. In the past, SING!, the student-run theatrical competition between the grades, has had performances take place around mid-March. This year, however, performances will take place on March 1, 3, and 4, a week earlier than usual. The rehearsals and preparations for SING! will also

Photo By Bayle Smith-Salzberg

The Young LGBT Latino Who Cares About a Strong Israel

Daniel Hernandez, recently elected to the Arizona House of Representatives,  visited Stuyvesant on Tuesday, December 6, to give a presentation titled “Strange Journey: My Story as a Young LGBT Latino Who Cares About a Strong Israel.” The lecture, well-publicized through posters hung around the school bearing the talk’s intriguing title, drew approximately 70 students. Hernandez,