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The Young LGBT Latino Who Cares About a Strong Israel

The Young LGBT Latino Who Cares About a Strong Israel

Daniel Hernandez, recently elected to the Arizona House of Representatives,  visited Stuyvesant on Tuesday, December 6, to give a presentation titled “Strange Journey: My Story as a Young LGBT Latino Who Cares About a Strong Israel.” The lecture, well-publicized through posters hung around the school bearing the talk’s intriguing title, drew approximately 70 students. Hernandez,

“Re Jane” Author Visits British Literature Class

Instead of reporting to their usual British Literature classes, students of English teachers Dr. Emily Moore and Annie Thoms walked into the library on Thursday, November 29. They were greeted by Patricia Park, the author of “Re Jane,” a book both classes had just finished studying. This is the first time “Re Jane” was included

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A Look Back at the Holocaust, Through an Oscar-Winning Film and its Lead Actor

The social studies and English departments organized a screening of the Oscar-winning film “Son of Saul” (2015) and a question-and-answer session with the leading actor, Géza Rohrig, on Tuesday, December 13. The film was shown in its entirety to students in the Jewish History and Advanced Placement (AP) English Literature: Psychology and Literature classes during

SLT Meetings Open to the Public

Members of the public will now be allowed to attend School Leadership Team (SLT) meetings. These meetings were previously only open to students, parents, and staff members of each school. This decision is the result of a recent New York Supreme Court ruling which extends the Open Meeting Law to SLTs. The Open Meeting Law


Deconstructing Race at Stuyvesant

Introduction Seventy-two percent, the proportion of Asians at Stuyvesant, is a number that gets thrown around quite often in conversations relating to our school. But the number is misleading in its representation of Stuyvesant as a cultural monolith. Stuyvesant students trace their origins to over 70 countries around the world, some having moved to the

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Language Department Hosts Stuyvesant’s First Cultural Film Festival

Stuyvesant’s first International Film Festival took place from Thursday, November 10 to Tuesday, November 22, in the Murray Khan Theater.  Hosted by the Language Department, it showcased movies in six different languages, with English subtitles to assist students who were not fluent in that particular language. Admission was free for all students and staff. The


Administration Pursues Annualization of All Core Classes

The administration will attempt to annualize all core subjects—social studies, foreign language, science, and mathematics—for the Spring 2017 semester. As a result, students will have the same teacher for both semesters. The assistant principals are aiming to keep individual students’ schedules the same for both semesters as well, meaning that the order of their classes

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FBI Computer Scientist Talks Cyber Security at Stuyvesant

Students gathered in the computer science Dojo after 10th period on Tuesday, November 15 to attend a lecture on cyber security given by Lena Loewenstine, a computer scientist for the FBI New York Cyber Division.  Loewenstine spoke primarily of cyber hacks that she investigates and solves. Loewenstine was assigned to be a facilitator of the