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Stuyvesant Places First at All-Girls National Chess Championship

Stuyvesant Chess Team members freshman Sophie Morris-Suzuki and juniors Charlie Reeder and Shaina Peters attended the All-Girls National Chess Championship from Friday, April 7 to Sunday, April 9. They were among over 400 national competitors at the tournament, which was held in Chicago, Illinois. The competitors came from all across the U.S. The tournament consisted

2017 SING! Charter Amendments

As the 2017 SING! season came to an end, various changes were made to the SING! charter during a Student Union (SU) Cabinet Meeting on March 23. New rules regarding the fundraising process, caucus involvement, score assignment, and use of music have been established, which will be applied in the next SING! season. At SU

StuyPulse Takes On South Florida Regional Competition

Stuyvesant’s award-winning For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology (FIRST) Robotics team, StuyPulse, attended the South Florida Regional Competition from March 1 to March 4, and left with the prestigious Chairman’s Award. The last time StuyPulse was awarded this honor was in 2012. They were one of 6,000 other First Robotics Competition (FRC) teams;

Cheating Discovered in The Spanish Department

The foreign language department launched an investigation after Spanish teacher Abigail Carpenter received reports about students cheating on online homework in her Spanish III class in late February. The administration, led by Assistant Principal of World Languages Dr. Ernest Oliveri, discovered that students in other Spanish III classes and in some French classes were posting

Stuyvesant Conservators Club
Photo by Mika Simoncelli

Stuyvesant Conservators Club Saves Ancient Roman Shoes

The Conservators Club, a club headed by junior Gloria Ghita, held a ceremony on Wednesday, March 22, in recognition of the club’s successful efforts to save two ancient Roman shoes. This ceremony was held in Interim Acting Principal Eric Contreras’s office and was attended by the members of The Conservators Club, Italian teacher Pasqua Rocchio,