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Spectator Book Review

After a day of listening to nothing but fake news, I just want to sit by my gold-plated fireplace, stop pretending to care about my presidential duties, and settle into a new book. I recently finished reading King James’s second alternative history novel, “The New Testament,” the second major installment to the series after “The

Hate Mail SING
Art by Catherine Joh

SING! Hate Mail

Dear SING! Directors (Dictators), Your ruthless organization has utterly ruined my life—seriously. I can’t take the endless passive aggressive messages about missing practice any longer. First, you tell me that I’m missing practice too much and that I might as well not be a part of SING!. The next thing you know, another director is

SING! Reviews

Soph-Frosh: The Soph-Frosh show was brilliantly original. The plot was something new and innovative and made the school cafeteria aides feel loved and appreciated. “Their show was so heartwarming and reminded me of my own grandmother’s homemade sausages. She would have little parties that were just as weird and original as Soph-Frosh SING!. It was

Humor Department to be Renamed Alternative News

The Humor Department will be renamed Alternative News following an executive order by the Alternative News (formerly Humor) editors sophomore Kerwin Chen and juniors Shaina Peters and Michael Xu. The executive order is to take place immediately, without further consultation with other departments of The Spectator. The executive order follows several muted years of the

Take a Tour of Stuyvesant

Hello, and welcome to Stuyvesant High School! My name is Michael, but you can call me Charon because we’re about to take a journey through hell. For the parents, try not to be overly intimidated by Stuyvesant, but just in case, I brought a stretcher and a defibrillator.   If you have any questions, please

Spotlight On: Valentines of Stuy

As February approaches, many single Stuyvesant students become acutely aware of their crippling loneliness, and attempt to fill the void with scrumptious gastronomic delights. Oh, perhaps a valentine as well. In this month’s edition, Humor will be putting the spotlight on some of the valentines in Stuyvesant.   Winnie Li: Winning Her Boyfriend’s Heart We

A Letter to a Special Someone

Dear Mr. Perfect, We first met in the cafeteria, where I caught you lunging desperately for my French fries and stuffing biscuits into your mouth. I was enthralled by your ravenous appetite, the velocity at which you shoveled the food into your gaping maw, awestruck by the amount of spittle that flew forth, and delighted