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A Voice From the <1 Percent

A Voice From the <1 Percent

        Growing up in Brooklyn, I’ve been exposed to almost every culture. This city truly is the melting pot of the world—and yet, it’s still a struggle to connect with people who identify as Native American. Even in a city as diverse as New York, at every school I’ve attended, I’ve found myself to be

Don’t Hate, Commemorate

It’s almost ironic how I wasn’t even in the United States on that dreadful day in September, and yet I, along with many people, consistently get blamed for it. To top it all off, I find myself being ostracized for causing a war in a country I have never even been to. I’m certainly not


She was the promise of a new beginning, a crimson dawn blazing across the night sky. She was the epitome of destruction, veiled beneath a meticulously-constructed facade. She was the fiery sun, prepared to wreak havoc on anyone who dared to gaze upon her. She was the moon, vulnerable without her entourage of twinkling stars,

Un-Fair Skin

Let me give you a visualization. With my thick, wavy hair and my golden brown skin, more brown than that of most Chinese girls, I am usually mistaken for: Filipino One of Hispanic descent An island mix (My friends like to joke that I am the proof that there was an undocumented excursion to China

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Approaching Fun, With Foam Daggers Drawn

At first, the thrumming was impossible to discern from beneath the thick cacophony of crickets and cicadas. It was just another sound of the night. As they approached the lake, however, the Lunarians decided that the low humming did indeed have an elusive, but ultimately identifiable source—human beings, twirling scarves above their heads, sprinkling sand

Cultural Resolution

CONFESSION: Like the average American, I first learned how to use chopsticks by following the broken-English instructions printed in size 8 font included with every take-out order. And I still don’t know how to use them properly: holding the chopsticks like a pencil is apparently the cheating, Americanized way of using them, and this clumsy