9/11 articles

The Cost of Breathing

“Run, and run north”   By the time Marilena Christodoulou arrived at Stuyvesant on the morning of September 11, the kids were gone. She had been driving down through the confusion on Fifth Avenue, flashing the Stuyvesant Emergency Team pass she had been issued as President of the Parents’ Association, unsure of why she, just

with their eyes

Living and Teaching September 11, in the Classroom and on the Stage

On the morning of September 11, 2001, I emerged from the subway station to see Chambers Street filled with people, all looking up. I looked up too. Both towers of the World Trade Center were on fire, smoke billowing from the gashes left by the two airplanes which had crashed into them minutes before. From

Don’t Hate, Commemorate

It’s almost ironic how I wasn’t even in the United States on that dreadful day in September, and yet I, along with many people, consistently get blamed for it. To top it all off, I find myself being ostracized for causing a war in a country I have never even been to. I’m certainly not

Build a Wall, Burn a Bridge

When the Twin Towers fell, I was a toddler on the other side of the world. I had no idea what a profound effect that moment would have on my future and the futures of so many others. In fact, I remained entirely unaware of the tragedy until I first arrived in New York. Like