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Sau Ling Chan: Daring to Fail

During third period, as students rush to get to class, they bump into biology and AP Psychology teacher Sau Ling (Charlene) Chan pushing her cluttered black cart. She smiles warmly at the students and continues to walk towards her next class. She is always dressed in business attire, and her thin, flowing, black hair bounces

Asian Melting Pot

At Stuyvesant, a school full of students with origins and ancestors from around the world roaming the hallways, different cultures are almost bound to mix. Looking at the sea of students at Stuyvesant, one can tell that a majority of the student body is Asian. However, what most overlook is that the term ‘Asian’ is

Wellness on the Go

Every morning, set up in front of the senior bar, is a crowd of people busily handing out white paper bags full of breakfast to sleepy and late Stuyvesant students. Called Breakfast on the Go, it is an initiative led by the Wellness Council. The Wellness Council was created by seniors Vanna Mavromatis, Hasan Tukhtamishev,

Art by Fareeha Tabassum

How We’re Raised

Stuyvesant students are often praised for their academic success and celebrated for their multitude of accomplishments, but lesser known are the efforts of the parents of the students. Perhaps one of the biggest curiosities at Stuyvesant is what goes on behind the scenes—the diverse family dynamics that contribute to student life. For sophomore Emily Xu,

As Good As Gold: Scholastic Gold Key Art Recipients

This year, Stuyvesant students won 72 awards for Scholastic Art Awards. Out of these awards, 19 Gold Keys were given to the outstanding pieces of art. Some of the Gold-Key-winning works of art are featured here.   Joanne Chui: Urbanization (Mixed Media) Senior Joanne Chui’s mixed media piece, “Urbanization,” depicts humanity’s encroachment on and exploitation