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The Majority Still a Cultural Minority

As an Asian American, I’ve always felt out of place in my predominantly white neighborhood and in my journey of coming to terms with my dual-identity. I know I’m not alone. However, upon entering Stuyvesant, I still felt out of touch with my own culture. As a place distinguished by its large Asian community, it

Augie and Travis - Student Actors
Photo by Hayoung Ahn

Spotlight On: Stuyvesant’s Veteran Actors

Two issues ago, The Spectator told the stories of Stuyvesant’s youngest actors; now, we turn the spotlight on their mentors: the upperclassmen actors of Stuyvesant.   Augie Murphy: From Small-town Shows to NBC            Though most people associate junior August Murphy with acting, singing was her first passion. Like many young kids, she thought that she

A SPARK of Hope

Here are some examples of answers that I received when I conducted an informal survey asking students if they ever considered going to a SPARK club meeting or event: “No.” “Who are they?” “Nope.” “What does that mean?” The fact that the majority of the responses questioned SPARK and what sorts of events they hold

from the heart
Art by Sylvia Yu

“From the Heart,” An Alumna’s Children’s Book That Redefines Young Love

It is almost the middle of February at Nieve Elementary School, and all the students—a classroom full of bears—are excited for the biggest holiday of the month. “Aim: Valentine’s Day!” is scrawled across the green chalkboard inside the gray and beige classroom. The bears chat amongst themselves, either talking to their neighboring classmates or walking

Stuyvesant’s Biggest Drug Problem

It’s eight in the morning. With dreary eyes and slumped shoulders, masses of teenagers trudge like zombies to their first classes. Many stayed up to plow through homework, scrambled to submit essays by midnight, or attempted to cram five weeks of lessons in one night. Plagued by constant stress and exhaustion as they endure a

Dr. Moore’s Election Song

No one truly knows who will perform during Open Mic, so when English teacher Dr. Emily Moore came to the stage almost a month ago, it was a welcome surprise. Known by many students for teaching the poetry elective, many probably expected her to recite a poem. But then she pulled out a chair, sat