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Corail and Modifying the Senegalese “Mode”

When discussing “modern” clothing in Senegal, most people think of T-shirts, jeans, and Nike sneakers or suits, blazers, and loafers. Traditional clothing, worn for holidays, weddings, and baptisms, receives its own category. The imposition of western clothing in Senegal is unfortunate. Senegal has undergone a myriad of changes due to its colonization (which ended in

met opera
art by Anne Chen

Female Opera Composers: The Invisible Divas of the Opera World

In its 2016-17 season, the Metropolitan Opera House will stage its first opera composed by a woman since 1903. This is perhaps the most surprising and enticing of the atypical choices made for the Met’s upcoming season. Although there have been quite a few female producers, directors, and conductors involved in Met productions over the

Queer Folks Meet Teen Gala

A breather, a sanctuary––flowers, palm fronds, tea, and teal. Perks included infinite possibilities and people waiting to be met. The school cafeteria became a space to celebrate LGBTQ+ pride on the afternoon of April 1. Hosted by Annegail Moreland, senior and president of Stuy Spectrum, and made possible with the assistance of Spectrum members (and