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Humans of New York: Lessons for the World

In the last few weeks of summer vacation, I spent hours digging through the website “Humans of New York.” Also known as HONY, this world-famous photoblog was launched by a man named Brandon Stanton who began his project in 2010 with an organic passion for photography and a vision that he could document the life

Controversy and Conversations Around the Whitney’s Biennial

Shock. Controversy. Conversations.         The Whitney Museum of American Art’s latest exhibition, “Whitney Biennial,” can be summed up in just three words, and while they can be used to describe just about any contemporary art show, the biennial makes the ideas conveyed by these words literal. The show, put together every two years, generally spotlights

Someday My Prince Will Come: A Ranking of the Disney Princesses

Whether they are defeating armies or going to balls, the famous Disney princesses have been a huge part of childhoods for millions of children across the globe. However, there is an age-old debate about whether the messages some of these movies give little girls growing up is harmful to their opinions of themselves. Little girls

Corail and Modifying the Senegalese “Mode”

When discussing “modern” clothing in Senegal, most people think of T-shirts, jeans, and Nike sneakers or suits, blazers, and loafers. Traditional clothing, worn for holidays, weddings, and baptisms, receives its own category. The imposition of western clothing in Senegal is unfortunate. Senegal has undergone a myriad of changes due to its colonization (which ended in

Art by Fahim Rahman

How the Obama Administration Used Social Media

What will happen to @POTUS on Twitter? Since Obama was the first @POTUS on Twitter, there is no official protocol for presidential social media accounts. It is likely that, starting on inauguration day, Trump will inherit Obama’s 11 million followers and be the new @POTUS. Not only was he the first president on Twitter, but

How Can They Trash Ricky Gervais?

There should be a new ratings system for movies called “BC.” This would not keep teens out of movies, like the “R” system, but specifically invite us to see a movie “Before Critics” write up their opinion about a film and ruin it for everybody. Often, American film critics don’t find the same things funny

Pokemon Go
by Nancy Cao

Pokémon GO and the Quest for World Peace

Pokémon GO wasn’t on the minds of many of us, or really any of us here in the U.S. before it came out in early July. I remember waking up that Wednesday morning, July 6, like it was any other usual morning. I got on the computer and saw a single article announcing the release