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13 Reasons Why
art by Carrie Ou

“Thirteen Reasons Why” … Or Why Not: A Point/Counterpoint

“Thirteen Reasons Why” … Or Why Not: A Point/Counterpoint

Based on Jay Asher’s novel published in 2007, Netflix’s “Thirteen Reasons Why,” aired on March 31, 2017, emphasizes how serious teenage bullying and suicide can be. Viewers follow Clay Jensen (Dylan Minnette), a junior attending Liberty High School, as he listens to the 13 cassette tapes Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford) left before she took her

Stranger Things
by Emily Wu

“Stranger Things:” A Sci-Fi Thriller Wrapped in ‘80s Nostalgia

Netflix’s new original series, “Stranger Things,” is a mix of sci-fi, fantasy, and ‘80s heaven. The show follows a government conspiracy and the disappearance of Will Byers in 1983. The series stars Winona Ryder (known for her role in “Edward Scissorhands” and “Beetlejuice”), and David Harbour. It was created and directed by the Duffer brothers,

by Anika Hashem

“Orange is the New Black’s” Fourth Season Leaves Room to Think

All episodes of the highly anticipated fourth season of “Orange is the New Black” came to Netflix this June, bringing back the superb acting, skillful storytelling, and heart-pumping drama that has come to be expected of the show. Within the confines of 13 episodes, Season 4 was able to deliver a layered narrative up to