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The Privilege of Peeing

The curtains of the Murray Kahn Theater opened to a grim color scheme of yellow and black, topped with a garbage green brick wall that read “Public Amenity #9,” the most disgusting urinal in town. The arrangement of set pieces was intentionally messy, setting a backdrop for the varying levels of chaos that would ensue

Soph-Frosh SING! Puts on a Sweet Show

Watching this year’s Soph-Frosh SING! proved to be something akin to the experience of eating a Hershey’s chocolate bar: pretty enjoyable, but lacking much of the nuance and expertise required to truly make it a rich and fulfilling experience. Nevertheless, the underclassmen showcased their burgeoning talent, creating a lighthearted production with relatable characters and an

Love and Laughter in Junior SING!––We’re On Board!

Following the gangster Frank on his battle between money or love, we take a journey through the 1920s on a ship with a precious jewel. What starts off as a cheesy love story, evolves into a deep, relatable narrative. Coordinated by Ray Jones and produced by Stephanie Zheng, Lydia Zhang, Donia Tung, and Adam Abbas,

Senior SING!

Senior SING!: Fairy Tales are Women’s Tales

Fairy tales are women’s tales: Sleeping Beauty rescued by the gallant Prince Charming, Snow White’s maternal impulse toward the dwarves, and Cinderella forced to scrub the floors. These stories used to put us to bed at night, teaching young girls that they should strive to become objects of male attention and teaching young boys that

SING! Top Fives

Best Acting Performances Spoiled Son, Cody Lin, Juniors As the favorite child of an aristocrat, Cody Lin does not fail to amuse the audience with his sassy, hilarious impression of a spoiled brat. With a voice perfectly tailored for the part and skillful acting, Lin’s depiction exudes confidence and talent. Sour Patch, Victoria Wong, Soph-Frosh

Winter Concert
Photo by Martin Xu

The 2016 Holiday Concert and Art Show Deck the Halls With Boughs of Talent

The Holiday Concert and Art Show are Stuyvesant traditions where the art, technology, and music departments present a semester’s hard work to the school. While we have a reputation for having a STEM focus, we also have strong visual and performing arts programs, as displayed by the breadth of talent in this year’s show. Art

Beyond Laramie, Wyoming

Laramie resident Zubaida (junior Mika Simoncelli) struggles to imagine what a theatrical interpretation of her small town’s story could possibly be like. “You’re gonna be on stage in New York, and you’re gonna be acting like you’re us,” she says. “That’s so weird!” She has a point. The demographics and political leanings of Stuyvesant’s student

A Riotous Party, a Misunderstood People

It is 2017, and despite the historic Brown vs. Board of Education Supreme Court decision in 1954 to end government-sanctioned segregation in schools, the New York City public school systems remains the most segregated in the country. In a nation that prides itself in equality and opportunity, inequality and lack of opportunities have become increasingly