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Fun Halloween Recipes!

We don’t have to give up our favorite Halloween foods just because October has come to an end! Ranging from easy, sweet, and traditional recipes to tougher savory snacks, these recipes should provide you with the foundation for some more creative October-themed food ideas! Bon appétit! Decadently Dark Candy Apples Ingredients 6 red delicious apples

Cheap Ass Food: Food Gallery 32

Food Gallery 32 11 W 32nd St., New York, NY 10001   If you’re low on money, head to Food Gallery 32. This food court serves four cuisines—Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and Taiwanese—and doesn’t stick to traditional dishes, but instead offers a variety of Korean fusions. There are nine vendors at this Korea Town establishment and

Formosa Cafe

What’s better than comfortable chairs and cushions, cool rustic decor, and traditional Taiwanese food? Absolutely nothing, and you can have it all at Formosa Cafe without breaking into your college fund just to pay the bill. Rice Balls Price: $3-$5 These rice balls are, without a doubt, Formosa Cafe’s most popular attraction, and rightfully so.

Cheap Ass Food: Tandoor Palace

88 Fulton St New York, NY 10038 When we think of Indian food, we usually expect one thing: flavor. Tandoor Palace not only delivers on that, but also provides quality food at a cheap price. 2 Piece Vegetable Samosa $5 This boldly-flavored vegetable samosa costs half as much as it does at most places and

Asian Snacks Meet City Life: Asian Street Food in New York

Scroll through your Instagram feed and you’re bound to see your friends’ pictures of mouth-watering desserts purchased somewhere in the city. These posts range from selfies with geotags to pictures of ice cream rolls and their toppings carefully placed for the sake of aesthetics. Besides being taken during squad hangouts you weren’t invited to, the

Slowing Down New York

Latte, latte—oh, what a surprise!—yet another latte. This is all I see scrolling down my Instagram feed. So, seriously, what’s the big deal with lattes? And also, what’s the big deal with all these new Australian cafés my friend begs me to go with her for, of course, none other than, “a picture for the