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A Stuy Student’s Guide to Springtime Flicks

A Stuy Student’s Guide to Springtime Flicks

Spring is the beginning of blockbuster season, but it’s also known as the time of the year when mediocre movies are put on the big screens, expected to come in and out of theaters without much attention. Despite the spring season usually lacking any Oscar-worthy releases, it’s still important to know what’s available to watch,

A Heartwarming Take On “Where Do Babies Come From?”

As the youngest child in my family, I’ve never had a problem with getting attention from my parents. My older sisters, though? Not so much. They most likely detested my presence as much as Timothy Templeton detested his brother, Boss Baby, in “The Boss Baby.” “The Boss Baby” follows the story of a young boy

A Look Into the Lives of NASA’s Invisible Heroes

In the opening act of “Hidden Figures,” released in theaters on December 25, 2016, we meet our three world-changing heroines in front of a broken down blue Ford Mustang on a lonely two-lane highway in Hampton, Virginia. Dorothy Vaughan (Octavia Spencer) is merely a pair of stout legs sticking out from under the car’s bonnet,

2016 Coming-Of-Age Movies In Review

Looking back at the major movies of 2016, one theme stays constant: finding yourself. Films about young people overcoming obstacles and choosing their paths flooded American cinema. Here are my reviews of five of these unique stories.      LA LA LAND Unlikely Romance In the City Of Stars “La La Land” has the quiet dignity

"Loving" Art

Loving: When Race and Love Collide

It’s a hot summer night in 1958 Virginia. Mildred and Richard Loving sit hand in hand on the ledge of their porch. Mildred slowly lays her head on Richard’s shoulder. It’s a scene that’s endearing, but filled with conflicted emotions. There are crickets chirping in the background, but everything else is silent. This is the

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Eyewitness: An Updated Twist on a Classic Thriller

Combine a triple homicide with unrequited love and you get “Eyewitness,” a crime thriller released on October 16 through USA Network. Although “Eyewitness” is based off of a Norwegian show, “Øyevitne,” it has its own spin to it. Instead of the series taking place in Norway, it takes place in upstate New York, where city


Train to Busan: An Unexpectedly Blood-Tingling Ride

South Korea’s film industry is notoriously conservative. A quick glance at the highest-grossing Korean films in the past few years shows why: practically all of the top 50 are either family-friendly melodramas or nationalistic films drawing on events from the Japanese occupation or Korean War. It’s almost as if Korean directors have figured out a