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“The Boondocks” Connects Viewers to Reality

“The Boondocks” Connects Viewers to Reality

  In sixth grade on a school trip to the Cloisters, two of my friends and I gathered in a field next to the museum and joyfully chanted as we broke down in laughter, “Slavery works!” Now, while we did get some strange looks from passersby (three black kids who appear to be advocating for

Your Guide to the Upper West Side

Nestled between Central Park and the Hudson River, the Upper West Side is a neighborhood teeming with history, culture, great food, and interesting landmarks. The Upper West Side represents many different cultures, and is the home to world-class museums and performance centers. Despite being primarily residential, the Upper West Side has plenty of unique stores

BroadwayCon: A Theater Geek Heaven

Last year, Anthony Rapp, best known for his work in the original Broadway cast of “Rent,” announced plans for “BroadwayCon,” a convention akin to Comic Con, but centered around the theater community. Rapp described it as “not only […] a singular opportunity to spend quality time with those who love Broadway most, but […] the