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Soph-Frosh SING! Puts on a Sweet Show

Watching this year’s Soph-Frosh SING! proved to be something akin to the experience of eating a Hershey’s chocolate bar: pretty enjoyable, but lacking much of the nuance and expertise required to truly make it a rich and fulfilling experience. Nevertheless, the underclassmen showcased their burgeoning talent, creating a lighthearted production with relatable characters and an

Senior SING!

Senior SING!: Fairy Tales are Women’s Tales

Fairy tales are women’s tales: Sleeping Beauty rescued by the gallant Prince Charming, Snow White’s maternal impulse toward the dwarves, and Cinderella forced to scrub the floors. These stories used to put us to bed at night, teaching young girls that they should strive to become objects of male attention and teaching young boys that

Behind the Reign of Queen B

The internet broke when Beyoncé revealed she was pregnant with twins. The announcement was made quietly to her 92.3 million Instagram followers, with a photo of Beyoncé decked out in lingerie and a pale green veil, kneeling in front of an extravagant flower arrangement. A simple caption expressed her joy and gratitude. The media proclaimed

The Art of Protest

  Nina Simone once asked, “How can you be an artist and not reflect the times?” Art has been around for a long time and it’s difficult to pinpoint when it was first used as a form of protest. Each person who creates art to protest has a unique, personal reason behind their protest, and

Corail and Modifying the Senegalese “Mode”

When discussing “modern” clothing in Senegal, most people think of T-shirts, jeans, and Nike sneakers or suits, blazers, and loafers. Traditional clothing, worn for holidays, weddings, and baptisms, receives its own category. The imposition of western clothing in Senegal is unfortunate. Senegal has undergone a myriad of changes due to its colonization (which ended in

Events Calendar

Date Events Ongoing: Perpetual Revolution: The Image and Social Change (Photography Show) @ ICP Museum (250 Bowery) Expanded Visions: 50 Years of Collecting @ The Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art “A Bronx Tale” Play @ Longacre Theatre “Tattooed New York” Exhibit @ New York Historical Society The Orchid Show: Thailand @ New York

SING! Top Fives

Best Acting Performances Spoiled Son, Cody Lin, Juniors As the favorite child of an aristocrat, Cody Lin does not fail to amuse the audience with his sassy, hilarious impression of a spoiled brat. With a voice perfectly tailored for the part and skillful acting, Lin’s depiction exudes confidence and talent. Sour Patch, Victoria Wong, Soph-Frosh