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The Privilege of Peeing

The curtains of the Murray Kahn Theater opened to a grim color scheme of yellow and black, topped with a garbage green brick wall that read “Public Amenity #9,” the most disgusting urinal in town. The arrangement of set pieces was intentionally messy, setting a backdrop for the varying levels of chaos that would ensue

Controversy and Conversations Around the Whitney’s Biennial

Shock. Controversy. Conversations.         The Whitney Museum of American Art’s latest exhibition, “Whitney Biennial,” can be summed up in just three words, and while they can be used to describe just about any contemporary art show, the biennial makes the ideas conveyed by these words literal. The show, put together every two years, generally spotlights

13 Reasons Why
art by Carrie Ou

“Thirteen Reasons Why” … Or Why Not: A Point/Counterpoint

Based on Jay Asher’s novel published in 2007, Netflix’s “Thirteen Reasons Why,” aired on March 31, 2017, emphasizes how serious teenage bullying and suicide can be. Viewers follow Clay Jensen (Dylan Minnette), a junior attending Liberty High School, as he listens to the 13 cassette tapes Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford) left before she took her

Dear Evan Hansen
art by Kristin Lin

“Dear Evan Hansen” Conveys A Powerful And Modern Message

When hearing the words “musical theater,” “Dear Evan Hansen” isn’t what would typically come to mind. In an industry that is usually associated with tap dancing and extravagant musical numbers, the show tells a poignant and unique story that touches on subjects such as bullying, suicide, and mental illness, having audiences crying 20 minutes into

Bouvier Affair
by Christine Jegarl

The Bouvier Affair: An Outlook on Legal Gray Areas in the Art Market

For the past 13 years, art and business mogul Yves Bouvier has procured art for Russian oligarch Dmitry Rybolovlev, with works ranging from Picassos to Renoirs. The collection, in its entirety, is said to be worth almost $2 billion. On February 26, 2015, Bouvier was arrested in Monaco after Rybolovlev claimed that Bouvier had defrauded

Sunday in the Park with George
by Lillian Xiao

Sparkling Strokes of Music, Color, and Light in a Broadway Revival

Instead of props or set pieces, it is the characters’ thoughts, ambitions, and harmonies that fill the stage in “Sunday in the Park with George” at the Hudson Theatre. This revival of Stephen Sondheim’s classic 1983 musical about the life and legacy of post-impressionist George Seurat is actor-driven and glimmers with a few key moments