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Art by Christine Jegarl

Fitter, Happier, More Innovative… The Legacy of Radiohead’s “OK Computer”

Fitter, Happier, More Innovative… The Legacy of Radiohead’s “OK Computer”

Albums such as Radiohead’s landmark “OK Computer” (1997), which celebrates its 20th anniversary this May, are released only once in a generation. “OK Computer” challenged listeners to consider popular music not merely as a form of entertainment, but more importantly as a culturally relevant medium of art and philosophy. Its most definitive aspect is its

Album Review of Culture by Migos
art by Sally Chen

Raindrop, Droptop (Droptop)… The Impact of “Culture” on Hip-Hop

“We live in Atlanta, might have some haters / The new Atlanta like the old Lakers.” —“New Atlanta” by Migos (2014). The recently developed Atlanta hip-hop scene has taken the music industry by storm for its distinct sound and ethos. At the forefront of this scene is the group Migos, an unforgettable trio of rappers

Remembering 2Pac 20 Years Later

  The world lost 2Pac 20 years ago, one of the greatest rappers to ever grace the mic, to a fatal shooting. Despite his untimely death, 2Pac left behind a lasting legacy—his contributions to hip-hop forever changed the landscape of the genre as we know it today. 2Pac’s legacy was defined by his mythic persona.

Joanne, A Simple Triumph

Joanne’s greatest triumph is that, despite the wide variety of styles it employs, it manages to maintain a simplicity that was devoid in Gaga’s previous albums. Rather than attempting to make a statement by challenging the conventions of pop music as she has done before, Gaga takes a different approach in her latest album by