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Boys Volleyball
Photo by Tomas Engquist

A Beauty of a Season for the Beasts

A Beauty of a Season for the Beasts

Aptly named, the Stuyvesant Beasts ended their season strong, placing first in the Manhattan A West Division and earning the sixth overall seed. In their league games, Stuyvesant went 10-0, an impressive and spotless record. After losing key players like former captains Sam Kotlyar and Tae Kyung Kong, the newly appointed starters had to step

Art by Mika Simoncelli
Photo by Mika Simoncelli

Vipers Start Undefeated

The fencers paused for a moment after the bout began, swords held in a defensive stance, carefully regarding the other’s movements. Then, quick as a flash, swords clicked as they danced across the floor of the gym at NEST+m, while the referees and coaches looked on. In what seemed like the blink of an eye,