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Teens and Ballet : A Work In Progress

Sitting down in a plush velvet seat in the upper rows of Lincoln Center, I resigned myself to two hours of confusion and boredom. The possibility that I could enjoy the ensuing ballet seemed remote at best. I couldn’t have been more wrong. The ballet, “Whipped Cream,” was a joyous but intense adventure of a

“Anastasia”: A Stunning Story of Self-Discovery

“Anastasia” opens on a familiar, intimate scene. A young girl with hairbows and a delicate white nightgown sits with her grandmother, who is leaving for Paris. Her grandmother lovingly offers the girl a music box to remember her by. The gentle and much-loved melody “Once Upon A December,” begins to play as snow falls gently

Art by Lillian Xiao

The Rooftop Garden: What Does Urban Growth Really Mean?

Through the balcony doors in the woodshop class on the 10th floor lies the rooftop garden. A small, bright space with quaint wooden crates and a mishmash of colorful planting supplies, Stuyvesant’s rooftop garden delivers fresh veggies and a dose of relaxation that is inevitable when sunshine, plants, and a gorgeous view are involved. When

Cookie-Dough ice cream by Tiffany Yee
photo by Tiffany Yee

Five-Minute Trends

Oh, New York, filled with the stench of success and $1.00 pizza. Evolution in the city that never sleeps means constantly innovating and experimenting with the art of food. Cookie dough, once relegated to the bottom of the freezer and the occasional baking expenditure, has now become the basis for a classy, hot pink cafe

The Glittery Gangster: A Conversation with Ms.Genkina

Sunlight streamed into Room 325, quiet and airy as we walked in on a Friday afternoon. With her usual effortless cheerfulness, she was laughing with a student as they planned an upcoming computer science event. Putting everyone at ease with her excitement and bright smile, computer science teacher Yulia Genkina can be found bouncing around

Behind the Reign of Queen B

The internet broke when Beyoncé revealed she was pregnant with twins. The announcement was made quietly to her 92.3 million Instagram followers, with a photo of Beyoncé decked out in lingerie and a pale green veil, kneeling in front of an extravagant flower arrangement. A simple caption expressed her joy and gratitude. The media proclaimed

Sixties Glamour and Women Penning a Revolution

Women made up around 35 percent of the workforce in the 1960s. In the Newsweek magazine, there was one woman writer and 50 men. That writer was Lynn Povich, whose book on her fight for gender equality in the workplace inspired the release of the Amazon original series “Good Girls Revolt.” It’s a colorful and

Your Guide To Coney Island

The boardwalk in the winter has a melancholy, deserted charm that is a stark contrast from its bubbly summer vibe. The boardwalk in the winter is a lovely, cool and underappreciated place. The Coney Island Boardwalk connects two drastically different neighborhoods: the iconic Coney Island and Brighton Beach, a reincarnation of Russia in New York.