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PCP: The Other Racist White Thing

The following was written and then cut from breitbart   The Racism of L’actose   Every day you walk into the lunchroom, wait on a long line, and get milk. But, for approximately 87.568% of people at Stuyvesant, this isn’t an option. Why? Because they’re l’actose intolerant. defines lactose intolerant as “unable to digest

Senior SING!

Senior SING!: Fairy Tales are Women’s Tales

Fairy tales are women’s tales: Sleeping Beauty rescued by the gallant Prince Charming, Snow White’s maternal impulse toward the dwarves, and Cinderella forced to scrub the floors. These stories used to put us to bed at night, teaching young girls that they should strive to become objects of male attention and teaching young boys that

Renzi’s Referendum

In less than 30 days, my mother, an Italian citizen residing in the United States, was abandoned by the two countries she calls home. A month after America elected a misogynist to the White House, the Italian citizenry voted “no” to a referendum attempting to reshape the Italian Constitution on December 4, leaving many feeling

The Dangers of White Activism

“What Chinese people need to do is speak up.” My friend, who is white, gives me a long, serious stare. He sees nothing wrong with his words. “I’ve been studying Mandarin for five years,” he continues. “I know what I’m saying.” But he doesn’t. He doesn’t understand that “speak up” implies that Chinese people are

New-Wave Clowns, early 21-st century
Photo by Ting Ting Chen


“Goblins, Wizards, Giants!” Just over a decade ago, in 2005, a group of clowns in Scotland erupted with joyous rebellion as they joined a G8 alternatives march. Police officers were at the scene, and as the rebel clowns collided with the officers, the opposing forces—gravity and playfulness, corporatism and freedom—leapt into each other’s arms in

The Power of Appropriation

In a small middle school where I could count the number of Asian-Americans on my fingers, the phrases “open your eyes” and “do my math homework” seemed to shadow my every move. When I came to Stuyvesant, I entered a completely different world: for better or worse, I was no longer the minority. And with

The Search for Turkish Democracy

Tens of thousands of government officials detained, and hundreds of them raped or beaten. Though this sounds like a description of an ISIL attack, it actually describes the state of human rights in Turkey, a nation that is supposed to be promoting freedom by fighting ISIL. This July, a faction of the Turkish military launched

supreme court justices
Art by Ruby Gary

Politics Reign Supreme

At some point in any crime show, a cop will inevitably say, “You have the right to remain silent.” This is because it is a “Miranda right,” granted by the 1966 Supreme Court decision, Miranda v. Arizona, in which a woman thought she was legally obligated to confess. After the decision, law enforcement was required


Justice: Blinded by DNA’s Gold Standard

Over two decades ago, a Mississippi jury found Jerome Manning, then a young man in his early twenties, guilty of the 1992 murder of two college students. There was no physical evidence tying Manning to the crime scene, but, nonetheless, the prosecution’s case was a slam-dunk—they had DNA on their side, forensics’ “gold standard.” Every