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the cure
Art by Klaire Geller

Lady Gaga’s “The Cure” Debuts as a Song and Treatment

Lady Gaga’s “The Cure” Debuts as a Song and Treatment

After the release of singer Lady Gaga’s “The Cure” Friday night at Coachella, its impacts have not only shaken up the entertainment industry, but another quite unexpected industry as well—the pharmaceutical industry. “I’ve never seen anything quite as extraordinary as this before,” CEO of Gilead Sciences John Milligan said. “I’ve had deprived-of-new-Lady-Gaga-music syndrome for over

Escalator Policy Change

Stuyvesant is notorious for its frail students and permanent caffeine smell in the hallways due to a huge workload and sleepless nights full of tears. Physical Education teacher Dr. Anna Markova has worked with Principal Eric Contreras to come up with a plan to fix these issues, and after many months of hard work, the

Fashion Advice: Last-Minute, Low-Budget Costumes

On the low end wallet-wise and time-wise? Fear not! Here are some easy-to-achieve Halloween looks.   Tar Pit Ghost: Materials: Garbage bag and scissors Step 1: Cut two eyeholes in garbage bag. Step 2: Wear the bag, positioning the holes in front of face. Optional: Super-glue classmates to floor.   Environmentally-Friendly Mummy: Materials: Two sheets

photo by Janet Zhang

Ariana Grande Invited to Spinning Class

American pop singer Ariana Grande’s new single, “Side to Side,” is a sensation among teenagers and single men alike, even capturing the attention of physical education teacher Dr. Anna Markova. Featuring intense cycling workouts and empowering lyrics, it’s no wonder the fitness fanatic was impressed. “The music video is basically a free version of an

Schools Mandate Seniors to Get Vaccinated Against Senioritis Virus

With half of Stuyvesant’s senior population early decision-ed into college and the other half waiting for their McDonald’s employment acceptance letters, the start of the new semester has gotten teachers concerned about Senioritis, a seasonal virus that strikes soon-to-graduate high school students. This virus affects millions worldwide, with notable symptoms like the inability to complete