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A Thing Happened, The Spectator Reports on It

Attempt at concisely summarizing a complex event or change in one sentence, on Day, Month Date. Short second sentence that adds length. Explanation of basic details related to event. Introduction of the acronyms Department of Education (DOE), Student Union (SU), or School Leadership Team (SLT). The beginning of a multi-paragraph discussion about the fragile relationship

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It’s the End of the World As We Know It

It’s all over now—from the frustration you felt when someone started painting over your work to the rush of adrenaline that overcame you just before the curtains opened. You don’t need to practice that move every moment you have, and you now get home before the sun goes down. With that realization, the emptiness sets

College Campus

Step In Or Step Down

As the sun rises and winter clouds cover the sky, college students wake up in their dorms, craving hot coffee after staying up all night to write papers and study for final exams. As they get ready to attend their classes, they see a group of teachers standing outside their university’s African American cultural center.

Reusable Water Bottles Distributed to Students

Collapsible, reusable water bottles were distributed at no cost to most freshmen and sophomores during homeroom on Tuesday, October 27. The issuing of water bottles is a joint project between the Stuyvesant Wellness Council and Environmental Club, with additional help from SPARK. The initiative aims to encourage healthy and environmentally friendly habits amongst Stuyvesant students.

Untouchables Poised to Bounce Back

With a disappointing season last year, the Untouchables look to get back to their winning ways and are poised to make another championship run this season. Having won the city championship two years prior, the Untouchables finished in a disappointing fourth place last season. The Untouchables have won 33 city championships in total and have

Girls Swimming

Stuyvesant Penguins Hope to Take Flight

As the last couple of girls dived into the pool to end the 4×100 relay, the Stuyvesant Penguins cheered, knowing they had secured their victory against the Brooklyn Tech Engineers. After shaking hands with their opponents, they lifted their banner, excited to add it to Stuyvesant’s ever-growing collection. With their seventh consecutive championship, and also

Two Is Better Than One

Though I speak English at school, once at home, I begin to communicate in Polish with my family. My parents immigrated from Poland in their twenties, and, when my sister and I were born in America, they decided that we should become fluent in Polish in order to stay in touch with our heritage and

What Having an Eating Disorder Taught Me

If there’s anything I love more than writing and boys, it’s food. Chipotle is like my second home, and if I had the means and money I would buy everything at my local Trader Joe’s. When I received a thousand dollars in birthday money two years ago, I blew it in three months on quesadillas

The Water Issue

Water shortages are perceived as distant problems for many Americans, but lately drought has become a serious issue on the west coast. About 77 percent of California was in a state of extreme drought as of January 22. Nestle, a company which sells bottled water under brands like Poland Spring and Nestle Pure Life, has