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Love and Laughter in Junior SING!––We’re On Board!

Love and Laughter in Junior SING!––We’re On Board!

Following the gangster Frank on his battle between money or love, we take a journey through the 1920s on a ship with a precious jewel. What starts off as a cheesy love story, evolves into a deep, relatable narrative. Coordinated by Ray Jones and produced by Stephanie Zheng, Lydia Zhang, Donia Tung, and Adam Abbas,

A SPARK of Hope

Here are some examples of answers that I received when I conducted an informal survey asking students if they ever considered going to a SPARK club meeting or event: “No.” “Who are they?” “Nope.” “What does that mean?” The fact that the majority of the responses questioned SPARK and what sorts of events they hold

Art by Angel Zheng

Blast From the Past: The Halloween Costumes Edition

Every year on Stuyloween, you’re sure to hear about the coolest costumes. From epic group costumes to terrifyingly life-like (or life-less) makeup, students have made some pretty great costumes. Here are some highlights of cool costumes from the past few years. Tetris, 2016 Phillip Chun (‘16), Spencer Eo (‘16), Jeimin Kim (‘16), Justin Kong (‘16), Tae Kyung Kong (‘16), Jeffrey