Formosa Cafe

What’s better than comfortable chairs and cushions, cool rustic decor, and traditional Taiwanese food? Absolutely nothing, and you can have it all at Formosa Cafe without breaking into your college fund just to pay the bill.

Rice Balls


photo by Martin Xu

Price: $3-$5

These rice balls are, without a doubt, Formosa Cafe’s most popular attraction, and rightfully so. They are wrapped in seaweed, stuffed generously with tender meat or vegetables, and come in 10 different flavor combinations—everything from Taiwanese original to tempura shrimp.

Popcorn Chicken


photo by Martin Xu

Price: $4.50

It’s hard to get popcorn chicken right, but Formosa Cafe does. The chicken is well-seasoned, juicy on the inside, and crispy on the outside.

 Two Pieces of Mochi

Price: $3

This mochi is sweet, chewy, and comes in green tea, mango, vanilla, and red bean flavor. Whichever you choose, it’s sure to complement the savoriness of the rest of the menu.

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