Cheap Ass Food: Vanessa’s Dumplings

118A Eldridge Street,
New York, NY 10002

220 East 14th Street,
New York, NY 10003

310 Bedford Avenue,
Brooklyn, NY 11211

This chain of cute dumpling shops offers great food at affordable prices. Plates of house-made dumplings are prepared in steaming caldrons right in front of you in an authentic Chinese setting.



The dumplings can be either steamed or fried and are heaped onto plates. One serving gives you eight huge dumplings for only $3.99. You can order them filled with pork, chicken, vegetables, or shrimp. You can even order pink dumplings!

Sesame Pancakes


For a quick bite, the sesame pancake sandwiches are a must. The pancakes themselves are huge, each with a diameter of one foot. Vanessa’s then slices the pancakes into individual portions and stuffs them with a wide choice of fillings such as kimchi, salmon, or tofu. The price of the sandwich is dependent on its fillings, as the veggie filled pancakes are cheaper then the meat filled ones (about $2.99).

Bubble Tea


Vanessa’s is also a great stop for bubble tea. They offer milk and unique flavored teas like passion fruit, green apple, and lychee filled with chewy tapioca balls. ($2.99)

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